The Nord Stream Cover Up

“The latest Seymour Hersh story reveals the incompetent Nordstream cover-up attempt by Biden and Scholz.”

5:37 PM · Mar 22, 2023

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13 Responses to The Nord Stream Cover Up

  1. Disillusioned says:

    I seem to remember a time not so long ago when the Administration was giddy happy the pipeline was sabotaged.

    • arn says:

      I seem to remember that there is a NATO article no 5 that provides that if a NATO ally is the victim of an armed attack this would be considered an attack against them all.
      Upon such an attack each member state is to assisst by taking such action as deems necessary,including the use of armed forces.

      But I also remember that this is not the first US terror attack on European NATO territory as Gladio 1+2 happened way before.

    • Biden AND Victoria Nuland BOTH stated that they would take ‘care’ of that pipeline.

      • arn says:

        The taking out of North Stream was already a top priority of the RAND corporation in 2019 as part of a plan to overstretch Russia in a war with Ukraine,
        and Condoleeza Rice already pointed out that Europes “dependency” on Russian gas has to end (I wonder what the USA has to care about where European countries get their energy?)

        So the plan to get rid of the pipeline is bipartisan and at least 9 years old,
        while the plan to use Ukraine to attack Russia goes at least back to the 90ies.

  2. The Russians are getting seriously fed up with Western terrorism and gun-running. I would not be surprised if their military planners are assessing the likely response to a precision (non-nuclear) missile strike on the Pentagon, which is well within their capabilities.

    NATO’s presence on their borders, and the West’s openly admitted objective to destroy Russia in order to access its resources, gives them plenty of grounds for raising the stakes.

    I wonder if the chicken hawks in congress would be quite so enthusiastic about sending ever more Ukrainian soldiers to the slaughter, if they were aware that the cross-wires were on them.

    • Putin just does not want NATO on their border and I for one agree. NATO was for the USSR, not Russia today. Trump made Peace with Putin using a friendly handshake and the threat of overwhelming destruction if Putin steeped out of line…and Putin was a good Boy.
      Biden and Victoria Nuland have taken us to the edge of WW3…the next War will be fought with Sticks & Stones cuz a full out WAR between the West – America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Europe, Israel and a few others – and China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran and some others will lay waste to millions of acres of land and Billions of Lives…

    • GWS says:

      Question — You say, “… the West’s openly admitted objective to destroy Russia in order to access its resources.”
      When and where is this open admission ?

  3. arn says:

    About 20 years ago during german carnival they built a parade truck with Merkel sticking her head into George W Bushs butthole.
    I wonder how such a truck would look like with that would do Scholz adequate justice?

    And this is another proof that Germany is at least as independent as Nuland country Ukraine is since the coup of 2014.
    And the paradox thing is: If neither Germans nor Ukrainian run their own country
    and Biden does not run the USA – who does?

  4. Bob G says:

    if Russia stopped one of our pipelines that would be an act of war. oops never mind Biden already did that with the keystone. lol. looks like the US probably blew up that Nord stream. plus we’ve been trying to push for Ukraine to join NATO. add it all up and we’re putting ourselves in danger of world war 3. the actions of the West have already pushed Putin into a big blunder in the Ukraine. the man does not have all his marbles so why are we pushing him? it’s stupid. if Putin was as smart and level-headed as some think he is he should have declared victory in Ukraine after one week and pulled out.
    ….but he didn’t …so look out. we need Trump so bad. Trump is not a liar. he’s an embellisher. he claims he could stop that war in 24 hours. he’s embellishing. it probably take him 72 hours. 😁

    • arn says:

      Declaring victory without winning would be the sign of insanity on Putins side that you claim now.

      There are very good and existential reasons for this war.

      Ukraine not joining NATO.
      Which means no NATO rockets in Ukraine.
      Which means no NATO military in Ukraine,which can double Ukraine NATO troops in Ukraine,who would be able to penetrate Russian borders anytime they want and who are way more effective with the use of NATO weapons.
      Which means a confrontation with Ukraine would instantly result in a confrontation wth the entire NATO.

      Not fighting Ukraine would be extremely stupid when the NATO is run by a country
      that has 2 very well known plans which are decades old.
      1)Destroy Russia by using Ukraine
      2)Balkanize Russia into at least 5 different countries.

      If Putin would have moved out of Ukraine Ukrainians would be killing hundreds of people in the Donbass per week by targeting civilians with shells and cluster bombs and rockets,as they did for 9 years and which they intensified by 2000% before Putin entered Ukraine.

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