“We will not be needing your services”

“Believe me, Mr. Garland, your corruption is legendary,” said President Zelensky during their short meeting. “But Ukraine is already corrupt to the core. We’re pros at corruption, so we have this pretty well covered. We will not be needing your services, thank you very much.”

Ukraine Asks Merrick Garland To Leave As They Already Have Enough Corrupt Government Officials | Babylon Bee

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12 Responses to “We will not be needing your services”

  1. arn says:

    Probably the best since the Onion(?) released the Henry “control oil and you control the nations ” Kissinger interview.

    But one Zelensky comment is missing:
    “We paid Hunter Biden 1 million per year and got in return 110 billions.
    The best ROI in history – even with the 10% for the big guy.
    Thank you so much for this golden brick road, Judy”

    • John says:

      Hard to believe main street news ignores these stories. Sad so many communists.
      Read “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd for technique that was used.

  2. Richard says:

    what the HELL was our AG doing in Ukraine – carrying money for Joe like Kerry did when he took billions to Iran with a stop over in Swissland

    • arn says:

      WTH was FED Yellen doing there?

      Seems Ukraine is already considered official US possession
      so even branches which are considered to be more on the interior side of politics are welcoming the 51st state.

      Or it no longer matters what they pretend to be and work for as there’s no longer a difference between inner and foreign politics just as there isn’t between Pfizer ,NiH or Bill Gates,the CiA,FBI and MSM,
      USA, NATO & EU
      or Science,Politics and Entertainment.

      Or Zelensky is the new Messiah,or worse: Obama;
      and it’s mandatory for everyone to kiss his ring.

    • John says:

      Must be. Obvious

  3. Jeff L. says:

    There’s still no accountability for any of the money/arms we’ve sent them. It’s outrageous!

  4. John says:

    Besides the Ukraine Hunter Biden connection/ puke agreement, who were the weapons left in Afghanistan for ????

    • arn says:

      We have to see.
      For some reason Isis had the same intention, or was at least the biggest helping hand for US foreign policies – the deus ex machina Pentagon needed so much ( just as the Nazis in Ukraine ).
      As arming those yesterday terrorists,today we call them freedom loving rebels was a pain to keep it secret and to avoid another Iran- Contra scandal ,
      using Afghanistan this way was the best scenario.
      Afghanistan kept the trashy half of the stuff including a bit good things to show of,
      the rest went to secret bunkers in Pakistan were the USA removed state leader Imran Khan just a few weeks after he announced that the USA is trying to remove him.
      He was shot several times in the meantime as one of the main objectives of US policies ( a recent vote to prolong sanctions against Syria got 99% of all votes,so it’s not only democrats)is to kill influential leaders as they can regain control and get the USA out.
      After Imran Khan was fired Pakistan had instantly a change of heart and supplied weapons to USkraine.
      And you can be sure that several of those weapons were paid twice by the American taxpayer.Once when they were produced and the 2nd time when Pakistan supplied arms to Ukraine.

  5. arn says:

    Another breaking news:

    The CiA ordered the NYT to accuse Ukraine of blowing up North Stream.
    And No – that’s not from the Babylon Bee.
    Could there be a bigger admission than this nonsense that the USA did it?
    Probably a punishment for the loss of bakhmut.
    It’s indeed funny to blame an incompetent understaffed country( in this case pro Ukrainian gtoup)with no access to the North Stream see to secretly to such a job,while they can blow up Russian pipeline s all day long in Ukraine.
    Maybe they’ll force Zelensky now to run around with a scuba instead of a green shirt.

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