“The Age Of Denial”

“Science is a culture of doubt. Religion is a culture of faith.”
– Richard Feynman

Ten years ago the New York Times was upset they were losing public support for their climate scam.

“In 1989, when “climate change” had just entered the public lexicon, 63 percent of Americans understood it was a problem. Almost 25 years later, that proportion is actually a bit lower, at 58 percent.”

“instead of sending my students into a world that celebrates the latest science has to offer, I am delivering them into a society ambivalent, even skeptical, about the fruits of science.”

Opinion | Welcome to the Age of Denial – The New York Times

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4 Responses to “The Age Of Denial”

  1. dm says:

    Mr. Frank confuses science with climate alarmism and other policies harming the public’s well-being. He also FAILS to respect Jane & Joe Mainstreet’s ability to learn from actual experience that:
    1) Climate alarmism is NOT science.
    2) Wind & solar generated is costly, part-time & environmentally harmful.
    3) Public health policies are too frequently wrong / detrimental.

    Finally, he fails to understand education’s fundamental purpose is developing the ability to THINK–critically, constructively and in other ways.

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘IN 1982, polls showed that 44 percent of Americans believed God had created human beings in their present form. Thirty years later, the fraction of the population who are creationists is 46 percent.’

    Quite a leap, there. Believing God created humans doesn’t make you a creationist.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Uncanny – the closed-minded, blinded, indoctrinated indoctrinator is projecting exactly what he is onto others.

  4. Bill Odom says:

    One lie: Could be a mistake.
    Two lies: Could be careless.
    Three lies: Never believe another word they say!

    That explains the New York Times.

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