Democracy Expert Michael Mann

According to Michael Mann, communism is necessary to maintain democracy.

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14 Responses to Democracy Expert Michael Mann

  1. Chinese representatives to the League of Nations concluded at League of Nations Opium Advisory Committee meetings early in 1929 that the only way to save the world from opium addiction was to give China a monopoly on the production of “narcotics.” The League of Nations proper became aware of Committee findings September 2, 1929. Competition, argued the Chinese, makes a smokescreen for illicit traffic. With the monopoly in place, ANY package not their own would be ipso facto proof of trafficking. Did all this produce economic effects worldwide?

  2. Caleb Shaw says:

    Ah yes, Mr. (not Dr. or Prof.) Mann. Cooperate ownership has its problems, but it is the private ownership of sites on the web that exposed you, Michael Mann, as the fraud you are. It really irks you and you would like it to go away. But we won’t. And, by the way, have you paid the million-plus dollars you owe the family of the late Dr. Tim Ball yet?

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    This guy’s continual out of expertise political hammering shows that he is unfit to be in charge of a science based institution, or even in a secondary or tertiary level role. He needs to be removed and someone who is more influenced by the data, instead of influencing the data, needs to be assigned to the post.

    • The academy is lost. When the ‘experts’ do nothing but generate BS, science itself is brought into disrepute, and flat earth, and other pure nonsense, is shown to have the same technical integrity as the ‘climate crisis’, because the arguments are equally absurd. Somehow science has stopped dealing with facts. ‘science’ is what scientists do. Welcome to pre-Copernicus science, Welcome to Laputa.

  4. Russell Cook says:

    Regarding The Mann’s Oct 2022 Tweet there, it reminds me of a quote out of the 2012 “Avengers” movie:

    Tony Stark (Ironman): “What’s the stat, Rogers?
    Steve Rogers (Captain America): [looking into the Helicarrier electronics tech box] “It seems to be powered by some sort of electricity!”
    Tony Stark:”…well, you’re not wrong.”

    The Mann is psychologically projecting, of course. All of the corporate/social media / ‘news’ media propaganda on his side of the political divide is not compatible with democracy.

  5. arn says:

    Mann has no need to complain as literally all the Media is on his side.

    It does not matter at all when the information flow is limited and controlled to such a level
    if the Media is controlled by politicians or by billionaires who own the media and those politicians(and let their demented president spend their holidays in their Mansions).

    Literally all of Bidens presidency has been proof that we have reached a fascist/ Marxist state as they all work together to protect the narrative – be it climate,Trump,Invasion, Ukraine, Lockdowns, Vaccinations or demonizing alternative medicine.
    Big Tech, MSM, politicians, billionaires – even the Stanford University activly participated in Censorship.

    It does not matter under what name and how many organisations a system operates,
    as long as there is no free flow of information and no choice
    you live under a feudal rule and monopol.

  6. dm says:

    Mannipulating media is part of Mr. Mike’ responsibilities;-( He leads the Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media at UPenn. Almost certainly, he will follow Trofim Lysenko & Goebels;-(

  7. John Nebilak says:

    One of the scariest comments on media I have heard in a while and a definite window into the soul of this Mann.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Excellent comments on this thread. Over the years, Mann has evolved from creator of a fictional past climate, to Propaganda Minister. How apropos. He excels in the ability to speak with conviction and a straight face when telling whoppers.

  9. Pat Robinson says:

    Piltdown Mann is simply projecting. 99% of media mirrors his lies, it’s the 1% not toeing the line that he needs to crush.
    These people need to face crimes against humanity trials.

  10. Mac says:

    I agree with Mann. He’s right, but not in the way he meant. Private corporate ownership of the media is indeed a threat to democracy, because those companies are all corrupt leftist globalist entities. The media is single-handedly responsible for all of the myths that comprise the left-wing cult’s culture: climate change, “hands up, don’t shoot”, the fallacy of “institutionalized racism”, Trump’s alleged “insurrection”, the idea that Xand Y chromosomes have nothing to do with gender, the idiotic idea that gender is somehow distinct from biological sex, etc.

    The corporate news media’s sole function is to further globalism, resulting in a world without borders, and promoting the ultimate goal of turning everyone on Earth into a lower-class peasant so we all beg for totalitarian communism.

  11. Richard E Fritz says:

    what a LYING POS Mann has become

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