Record Heat Of Late September 1953

“Midwest Swelters In Unusual Fall Heat Wave
An unprecedented autumn heat Wave seared a large area of the ‘mid-continent like a blast from summer’s weather oven Tuesday. ‘Old heat records were vaporized into oblivion.

The mercury bounded to 99.2 degrees in Chicago. It smashed the old 87 degree record for the date by 12.2 degrees. The old record had stood since 1898. The new reading also set a new record of 41 days of 90-degree or higher temperatures for the year and is the highest on record for so late in the season. The temperature soared to 97 degrees in Indianapolis, topping the previous high reading of 88 for the date by nine degrees.

The 101 recorded, at St. Louis made if the hottest day this late in the season in the 80-year-old annals of the weather bureau. It was the 78th day of 90-plus heat there this year—also a record.

The mercury hit 101 at Little Rock, Ark., 100 at Quincy, Il., 97 at Nashville, Tenn., and 95.3 at Oklahoma City, Okla.”

30 Sep 1953

30 Sep 1953, Page 1 – The Jacksonville Daily Journal at

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