Fake Data At Altus, Oklahoma

Via adjustments, NOAA turns a long-term cooling trend at Altus, Oklahoma into a warming trend – including the last eleven years which the station has been shut down.



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4 Responses to Fake Data At Altus, Oklahoma

  1. jb says:

    it appears their whole reconstruction of the max temp leads to warming too… the unadjusted 70s is warmer than the adjusted for example

  2. Mike says:

    We need to get you and your stats in front of Donald Trump.
    And when NOAA/MAS lie the President can rip them a new opening.
    Talk to your Rep and see what She can do…We need you Obi wan Heller!

  3. stewartpid says:

    It is worse than we thought Tony … everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else!! SARC

  4. Joaquim says:

    From where did Tony Heller take the graphic of 3 minutes of his video of Altus Oklahoma station? Those codes ending with an “E” of estimated, whats the link for them?

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