Dr Clauser Lecture

2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John Clauser discusses climate.

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2 Responses to Dr Clauser Lecture

  1. arn says:

    Imagine you have guys like him
    and then
    Panama Papers Pizzagate Podesta becomes the head of climate science.

    On the other hand – Podesta was campaign manager of Hilary.
    He knows how to sell shit with passion,
    so he is the right man for climate related stuff.

    (his term TechnoCon should have a good chance to become mainstream one day)

  2. Bob Gutjahr says:

    Very good address, but I challenge his use of “Real Truth”. Real Truth is not dependent upon the scientific method. Scientific method has a much more modest capability than we usually believe. It can only be applied to objectively measurable events. There for more Real Truths that cannot be measured — God, love, relationship, metaphysics, nature of the human being, et cetera. Scientific Real Truth can only tell how things are; not how they should be.

    Observable, measurable Real Truth has a critical role in the improvement of the human condition, but it cannot take the place of the more numerous Real Truths that give life meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

    The inability to measure these Real Truths is why they are so controverted. But the existence of such doubt does not change what the Real Truths are.

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