The Climate Data Corruption Business

In 1984, NASA’s James Hansen predicted 4-5C warming for the US.

Wayback Machine

Fifteen years later Hansen was upset that the US wasn’t warming as he predicted.

NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

So they started tampering with the data. In the 2005 USHCN documentation, US temperature adjustments were 0.5F. Since then the adjustments have quadrupled.

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This graph of US temperatures was posted by NASA in 1999, showing a strong cooling trend from the 1930’s through the end of the century. The years 1934 and 1998 are circled.


NASA 1999

And this is NASA’s current graph, which now shows a strong warming trend during that period.


NASA 2019

There has been a sharp decline in hot summer afternoons in the US

Wyoming – State Climate Summaries 2022

There is a close correlation between summer average maximum temperature and number of 90F days.

The correlation between the measured temperature data and number of 90 degree days is high, with an R^2 of 0.91.

But after the data is adjusted, the correlation collapses – indicating that their data tampering has lowered the quality of the data.

The adjustments track CO2 with a very high correlation of 0.97, so you can predict the amount of data tampering based on atmospheric CO2.

Climate alarmists  argue that the high correlation between average maximum temperature and number of 90 degree days is due to most older stations having their min/max thermometer reset in the afternoon. (Time of Observation Bias.) It is easy to eliminate that by using only stations which reset their thermometers in the morning, but the result is the same as for the set of all stations.  Data tampering makes the data worse, not better.


Same story with afternoon stations

Another problem with the final adjusted database is they make up fake data for stations which are not reporting.  We can eliminate that by using only stations with a 100 year long record. That changes the results very little

According to climate scientists, the very high quality and well documented US temperature record needs to be adjusted by several degrees reversing the trend, but they all agree very closely about the incoherent, undocumented and grossly inadequate global temperature record.

World of Change: Global Temperatures

“Although reasonably good records of instrument type and observing practices are maintained for stations in the U.S., the types of instrumentation and observing practices are most often unknown for stations outside the U.S.”

CDR Program Master Template

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4 Responses to The Climate Data Corruption Business

  1. Scott Allen says:

    Your graph of CO2 and Temperature is too cloase to be factual.

    NOAA/NASA adjusted the temperature records in the years
    1987 gridded boxes
    1996 surfaces temps over oceans were estimated
    1999 the corrected for unrealistic station data
    1999 miss temperature records were ‘infilled’
    2001 time of observation adjustment
    2006 water temps were used as a proxy for air temperature over ice
    2010 the use of population to determine UHI was replaced by light radiance
    They got the results they wanted to prove their theory that CO2 was the cause of the warming. So they kept making adjustments until their adjustment matched CO2
    they have quit making adjustments since they got those results
    In real science its called P-Hacking

  2. Mac says:

    You know, this is one of the most thorough and detailed posts by Mr. Heller since I’ve been reading his blog. It’s jam-packed with obvious legitimate proof of data tampering over the last few decades. I think any reasonable person would look at this admirable and honest work and consider its evidence seriously, and begin to question the entire global warming scam.

    … But then, I snap back to reality and I realize again that climate cultists are NOT reasonable or scientific, and they’ll look at this very long excellent post and scream, at the top of their lungs, “CHERRY PICKING!”

    • Disillusioned says:

      Excellent post, Mac.

      Although everything is there, besides the lame cherry picking argument, climate change apologists will also claim that Tony doesn’t provide sources. Yet, he does. All they have to do is open their eyes and read, click links provided and try to learn something. But, a cultist cannot handle the truth.

      It is very difficult, I know. I still had doubts for two years. I had been brainwashed, over time, and it took a long time to work through it all. Now, I’m like an ex-smoker.

      • D. Boss says:

        Admitting to oneself that you have been duped into believing and even promoting outright lies is one of the hardest things to do. It’s worse than an addict trying to quit smoking or heroin, because those people know it’s bad, but can’t find the will to stop.

        But trying to quit belief in the Climate Cult narrative is like believing smoking or shooting heroin is right, good and saving the planet… much harder to find the intestinal fortitude to acknowledge you have been duped and perhaps caused harm to yourself, your loved ones and society as a whole by swallowing this brand of kool aid. (and the longer you have been a climate karen the harder to admit to self it’s false)

        Glad you became enlightened, but helping others to see that light is no small task.

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