“fairytale” thinking about net zero.”

“Energy bills must rise to pay for net zero, says Siemens Energy boss

Interview: Joe Kaeser says ‘a lot of big mouths but little action’ pushing ‘wind turbine makers into the red

The German boss of Britain’s biggest wind turbine maker has warned energy bills will have to keep rising to pay for the green transition as he attacked “fairytale” thinking about net zero.

Joe Kaeser, chairman of Siemens Energy, suggested higher energy bills were inevitable as turbine makers grapple with huge losses, forcing them to pass on costs to their customers.”

Energy bills must rise to pay for net zero, says Siemens Energy boss

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11 Responses to “fairytale” thinking about net zero.”

  1. Mike says:

    This is unpossible as I have been assured by many climastrologists that wind and solar power are basically free and certainly much cheaper than gas and nuclear.

  2. Francis Barnett says:


    Britain’s climate watchdog has privately admitted that a number of its key net zero recommendations may have relied on insufficient data, it has been claimed.

    Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, who led a recent Royal Society study on future energy supply, said that the Climate Change Committee only “looked at a single year” of data showing the number of windy days in a year when it made pronouncements on the extent to which the UK could rely on wind and solar farms to meet net zero.

    “They have conceded privately that that was a mistake,” Sir Chris said in a presentation seen by this newspaper. In contrast, the Royal Society review examined 37 years worth of weather data.

    Last week Sir Chris, an emeritus professor and former director of energy research at Oxford University, said that the remarks to which he was referring were made by Chris Stark, the Climate Change Committee’s chief executive. He said: “Might be best to say that Chris Stark conceded that my comment that the CCC relied on modelling that only uses a single year of weather data … is ‘an entirely valid criticism’.”

    Chris Stark, the UK’s chief climate change adviser, has been appointed as the new CEO of global climate consultancy, the Carbon Trust.


    • arn says:

      Insufficient data is what climate science is made of.
      And if the data is not insufficient than it is made up – and later adjusted upwards.

      Considering how fast renewables are already causing problems at such low levels it would be interesting to know at what percentage
      renewables will start to tear the whole system apart, when black outs will become the rule.

      And at what percentage renewables are starting to destroy themselves,
      as at one point (maybe at 50 % marketshare) they won’t even be able to produce enough energy to cover the maintenance of the existing windmills and solar panels. (the mining,production to replace the old ones).
      Considering that energy prices will double and tripple the more renewables are, even the future maintenance will become far more expensive than the current overall costs of production and maintenance are.
      My guess is that this point will be reached way before net zero,
      as the stop&go production(as result of no wind and sun) will decrease
      efficiency and add more pain – especially during winter when solar becomes irrelevant

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Net Zero means one of two reality’s…Death for the Planet OR Death of Freedom for all but the Elites.
      I choose Freedom and CO2 for my Garden to grow better.
      OH…Humans need CO2 to survive. Our bodies NEED CO2 to ‘operate’ properly.
      Wordy but a good read about the Bodies need for CO2.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        They think that they can fool us into accepting a 1600s political structure. They need a taste of 1776 type push back.

    • Scott Allen says:

      Now the next question should be is …..was this intentional, picking the year with the most windy days?

      • arn says:

        They would have never picked the year with the least Windy days.

        The trick they use is pretty much the same the music industry uses to sell inferior loudspeakers/amplifiers/boosters,
        when they claim that those can deliver 1000watts.

        They can , for a millisecond, while in fact they can not even operate at 100 watts on a permanent level.
        They simply pretend that the peak is the norm.

  3. Francis Barnett says:

    I forgot to mention that the recommendations of the morons of the Climate Change Committee were not a minor matter, they passed into law governing how Britain’s energy policy would evolve leading to Nut Zero.
    I’m extremely glad I don’t live there any more.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    They are only fairy tale thinkers until the hardware is in place, then they become reality enforcers on the taxpayers and the rate payers.

  5. Gamecock says:

    The ‘green transition’ is to no energy. That shouldn’t cost anything. All the windmills are just a big show to make people think they are going to get to keep their power.


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