The Peaceful, Tolerant And Intellectual Left

“leftists firebombed my office last Saturday night. At around 2 am, they broke into the building that houses Center of the American Experiment and two other conservative organizations with which we often collaborate, along with many other businesses.”

They Firebombed My Office | Power Line

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7 Responses to The Peaceful, Tolerant And Intellectual Left

  1. Russell Cook says:

    What the extremist leftists could use is a ‘carbon footprint’ calculator to figure out how much ‘greenhouse pollution’ is generated in firebombing conservative office spaces, SUV dealerships, etc …. along with a set of super-convincing talking points they can delude themselves with to justify creating more actual harmful pollution in one day than all of us CAGW skeptic put out in an entire year.

  2. Jack the Insider says:

    Many in Australia know John Hinderaker, he is a regular commentator on the only mainstream conservative television show left on the air waves. “Outsiders” on Sky News.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    Yeah, if they were pursued with as much vigor as prayers and mask refusers, we would be better off.

  4. Bill says:

    It can get much worse.

    “The journalist and author Bryan Burrough has spent the last five years researching and writing a book on what he correctly perceives to be an oddly neglected topic: the scourge of left-wing terrorism, much of it by the Weather Underground, during the 1970s. According to FBI statistics, the United States experienced more than 2,500 domestic bombings in just 18 months in 1971 and 1972, with virtually no solved crimes and barely any significant prosecutions.”

    Remembering the Left-Wing Terrorism of the 1970s

    Yes, you read that right – 2,500 bombings right here in the United States of America! I remember this era having lived through it, but most Americans have no idea that it even occurred.

    • arn says:

      Funny thing – despite all the left wing terror (including recent mostly peaceful burning down of whole cityparts)
      it is the right wing who is considered to be the enemy of state, people and corporate rul…democracy.
      Especially parents who oppose schoolporn for their children.

      And all these crimes are being ignored and even covered up systematically ( = these people are 100 % aware of their destruction while they bleed the virtues of tolerance and empathy) way back since the Holodomor.

  5. Bill Odom says:

    Wanna know what the Democrats are up to? Listen to what they accuse the Republicans of doing.

    • Robertvd says:

      As long as they can make you believe that the NAZI party or Benito Mussolini’s Fascists were right wing they can get away with that.

      There is no difference between Brown Shirts or Green Shirts.

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