Rapidly Rising Sea Level

A look at how government agencies rewrite history to keep their sea level scam alive.

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6 Responses to Rapidly Rising Sea Level

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Fantastic forensics.

  2. Lasse says:

    Keep up the good job-thanks.
    Why are they so obviously wrong:

    They have to take control of the past better:-)

  3. Winston Smith still sleeping on the job.

    • Could somebody please explain to me how a radar operating at 10cm wavelength can measure range to a few milimetres. The only method I can think of would be a homodyne system comparing the phase of the return signal with the transmitted signal, over a chirp covering a bandwidth equal to the carrier That would be noisy as hell, practically impossible to construct, and would have an unambiguous range resolution of 5cm, That range resolution is determined by swept bandwidth is radar 101. Greater ‘accuracy’ (NOT resolution) introduces ambiguity, e,g. an inability to distinguish returns from clouds from that from the surface.

      • Denis Rushworth says:

        And then there is the uncertainty regarding the exact elevation of the measuring satellite at any time in its orbit. I don’t know the answer but it seems likely to be at least a few feet.

  4. Denis Rushworth says:

    In addition, The Battery sea level gauge is mounted on bedrock (most are not) and has been operating since before Abraham Lincoln was President. It shows a steady rise since then. It also has a GPS elevation gauge operating since about 2011 which shows that at least since 2011, the tide gauge has been sinking at about 1/2 of the rate of observed sea level rise. Because geologic processes are extremely slow in human terms and the tide gauge has shown no notable changes for 160 years it is likely that the sinking has been going on steadily for centuries.

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