Saving The Climate With Hair

You can prevent bad weather by wearing this beautiful sweater.

As part of our research and development work, we often work with artists and designers to find new ways to utilise waste human hair. One… | Instagram

Dutch start-up Human Material Loop turns hair into sustainable clothing – The Washington Post

h/t Steve Milloy

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11 Responses to Saving The Climate With Hair

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    I can’t wait to purchase one of these lovely sweaters.
    Looks like something Genghis Khan would wear into battle.
    Sadly, I can’t bring myself to purchase one. I’m afraid that on an important date, a very squiggly one will wiggle loose and hang there for everyone to see.

  2. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    It’s nothing new. As I recall the Nazis used human hair from women in the concentration camps to make socks for German sub-mariners.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      “It’s nothing new. As I recall the Nazis used human hair from women in the concentration camps to make socks for German sub-mariners”

      Are you sure aboout that? – link ect?

    • conrad ziefle says:

      The Nazis used various things from the people they slaughtered. No doubt they would try to use the hair for something.

      I guess the idea is that by using the hair, one less sheep can be raised, or an acre of cotton can not be grown, or a few less plastic bags can be recycled. This kind of becomes a circular argument if you aren’t careful. It seems just another way to guilt people into accepting less of what they want and settling for some Stone Age regressive solution to their human needs.

  3. Walter says:

    I might throw up.

  4. Jack the Insider says:

    It would be just my luck to buy a jumper made from some sweaty blokes manscapings.

  5. arn says:

    I always wear my hairsweater while eating bugs and Bill Gates shitmeat
    as it all feels so natural.

    But there is one problem – Wearing that stuff made Bleack Women hating me
    as the costs for Wigs and extensions went up by 2000 % since they started using hair for clothes.

    Now the only problem is that I smell worse than Bidens diapers as it is impossible to put this stuff into a washing machine more than once, as it will completely fall apart and clog the washing machine beyond repair.
    But Net Zero will solve the problem as there will be no energy to run washing machines anyway.

  6. rah says:

    Next time the wackos protest global warming in cold weather they need to be wearing those hair shirts instead of all of that cold weather gear made with and from petroleum products.

  7. oeman50 says:

    This rates an 11 on my yuck factor chart.

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