Poisoning The Climate Soup

The process of homogenization guarantees a fake warming trend. Instead of eliminating Urban Heat Island effects, it spreads them everywhere and corrupts high quality rural temperature data. It is the equivalent of poisoning the soup and then diluting it slightly.

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  1. conrad ziefle says:

    It seems that they cannot keep their skyrocketing temperature graph going forever. Eventually it will have outrun reality by so much that no one can accept it anymore.

  2. Francis Barnett says:

    Yup it’s true – we find that driving from our home out in our small low emission car out of the local small town where we go to purchase our meagre rations to survive for another week in the global boiling environment that we are posited to live in, we find that the average temperatue change from urban to rural ia about 3.5 deg C down from the urban boiling.

  3. There may be a more innocent explanation than deliberate fraud. Large organisations are partitioned into isolated sections of specialists who only communicate by passing information up and down through the hierarchy. This is a very slow and noisy process, with the result that nobody in the organisation has a global view of what is going on. In one of my contracts I sat next to one of the nation’s experts on inertial navigation, who devised algorithms which he optimized for the target processor. These were handed over to the software section, who completely re-wrote them to conform to the software fads of the time, effectively neutralizing the actual expertise. What is worse, the originator could no longer recognize his own algorithms, yet was expected to sign the code off as correct.

    This is an inherent problem with large organisations attempting to solve complex problems, nobody actually knows how the system works as a whole, because that requires a degree of expertise in all aspects of the system. Instead, the section leaders are selected for their highly blinkered academic achievements, or trained as managers, regarding knowledge of the minions expertise as beneath their dignity.

    The consequence is that, unlike one man bands, large systems operate in failure mode. There is a book entitled ‘Systemantics’, by an author whose name I have forgotten, which is well worth a read.

    This is how Tony is able to out-perform the Mongolian hoards when it comes to the correct interpretation of the data.

    • D. Boss says:

      Actually this has been around for a long time – the wrong think of specialization vs being a generalist. Long ago, kings, etc, realized that their power could be taken away by persons with enough general knowledge… So they commanded that the people be divided into specialized groups and streams. Because only one with the general overview and understanding of many things could overthrow him.

      That thread continues to permeate society, of increasingly narrow specialization even though the original intent has long since passed. I believe Bucky Fuller was a strong proponent of returning to holding generalists in high regard as opposed to the narrow mindedness of specialists.


      “We are in an age that assumes the narrowing trends of specialization to be logical, natural, and desirable. Consequently, society expects all earnestly responsible communication to be crisply brief. Advancing science has now discovered that all the known cases of biological extinction have been caused by overspecialization, whose concentration of only selected genes sacrifices general adaptability. Thus the specialist’s brief for pinpointing brevity is dubious. In the meantime, humanity has been deprived of comprehensive understanding. Specialization has bred feelings of isolation, futility, and confusion in individuals. It has also resulted in the individual’s leaving responsibility for thinking and social action to others. Specialization breeds biases that ultimately aggregate as international and ideological discord, which in turn leads to war.”

      • conrad ziefle says:

        There is no requirement that a specialist be ignorant in every other way. I know people think that this is impossible today, but my father-in-law, who was a professional engineer in two fields, spoke English and wrote better than many English teachers. I knew a math professor who could play a Beethoven piano concerto beautifully and from memory, and he was also an expert in English history. People who allow themselves to be limited to their “degree” expertise, are just lazy.

    • arn says:

      A more innocent explanation than deliberate Fraud –

      can not end up with the same results.
      No matter how complicated the communication process is, the results would be more woke = more divers, as errors are not bound to bias,indoctrination,or agenda.

      The chances are 50:50 that adjustments end up warmer or cooler,
      yet they always end up with more warming.
      Therefore fraud is part of the system.

      And – IF really nobody knows how the system really works,
      this would mean that a single person in a key position (a boss,editor,general ),
      can always steer the results in a specific direction, towards a wanted result
      (which of course is still fraud).

      Btw people of any system will avoid taboos and follow the narrative / consense,
      either to avoid conflict,to keep their jobs ,conformism etc.
      Be it in the church, agency,Mafia etc,
      except that scientists are way more guilty as they know exactly when they do it.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        Agreed most people need to be sure that a great number of others have their backs before they will stand up to authority. Occasionally, when things get bad enough, they will fight back- farmers from all over the world today are doing it.

        • Disillusioned says:

          All Big Brother needs to do is falsely label demonstrations as insurrections so martial law provisions kick in. Most countries, if not all, have them. And it is easy enough to do what Castro Jr. did – again – to block access to terribly inconvenient demonstrators’ bank accounts.

          The erosion of citizens’ rights since 9/11 is horrifying. Big Brother’s steamroller rolls on.

  4. Ed Reid says:

    Government has discovered that “Disinformation Governance” is easiest if government is the source of the disinformation.

  5. Joe says:

    Great video. Could you post something about how to query NOAA temperature values and how to find the adjustments? In my experience most believers (in the CO2 climate apocalypse myth) simply do not believe adjustments like this are happening and I’d like to be able to tell them to query it themselves.

    Note that climate change apologist sites say that you’re lying when you say this. If these adjustments are query-able from NOAA, a how-to-query NOAA adjustments tutorial would be extremely high value.

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