The World’s Greatest Climate Scientist Speaks Out

Michael Mann has determined that I am an anti-Semite, based on this tweet.  As a Jew married to an Asian, I have to marvel at the insanity driving Michael Mann.


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45 Responses to The World’s Greatest Climate Scientist Speaks Out

  1. Robertvd says:

    What is Far Right?

    When Marx wrote ‘Das Kapital’ blaming the bourgeoisie he was referring to the Jews. If Marx is Far Left than the Far Left is antisemitic. The Nazi party in Germany and the Fascist party in Italy were Far Left where everything in the system is centrally controlled. The party was everywhere. The only difference was that the Fascist were not antisemitic

    Margherita Sarfatti born in Venice to an Jewish family, had an influence over Mussolini’s policies from 1922 until 1938, when Mussolini bowed to German pressure and enacted racial legislation through the Manifesto of Race; until then, the fascist government’s politics were not antisemitic, and the party’s membership rolls were open to Jews

    • Robertvd says:

      So Trump must be far Left .

    • arn says:

      Far right is everything what is in the way of globalist NWO plans,no matter how normal,justified,sane or logical the action or argument is.
      At the same time everything they do( climate,no borders,trannies,gender etc) is DEMOCRACY and everything opposing their dectructive and MegaloManniacal ambition is a threatto democracy and racist (that’s why Larry Elder became the black face of white supremacy that day he ran against Newsome).

      But the far right logic does only apply to western countries,
      as those standards do not apply to African,Asian,Muslim countries,
      neither to Israel or Ukraine – where even those organized huge Nazi Battalions are far right.

      And as long you are black ,muslim or illegal it is even impossible to be far right in the west as long as you do not identify as republican.
      On the other hand last week 2 orthodox rabbis were arrested in London because – antisemitism.
      I ‘m still trying to figure out wether those are far right,far left or Nazis.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        I really don’t understand why my high school civics teacher insisted that Nazis were far right. When I confronted him and said that the Nazis and the commies seemed more similar than different, the only thing he could say was: “When you go so far right, you end up left.”
        The way I see it, an archaist is far right. He believes in no government.
        Nazis, fascists, commies, Marxists, Democrats are far left. They want the government to control everything.
        Nazis picked the Germanic people to be good, and the Jews, commies, and a few others to be bad. And they ran a police state to defeat the bad and protect the good.
        The commies picked the worker and later when that didn’t work out, the underachiever and unsuccessful to be good, and the successful and capitalists to be bad. And they run a police state to destroy the bad and make the unsuccessful feel better.
        They are the same system. They only differ in who they choose to be their champions and who they choose to be the villians.

        • czechlist says:

          Movements religious,political,social…require love/fear/hatred of something, someone, some group, some idea/philosophy… to attract believers/adherents.
          Successful movements contain zealots and attract grifters which eventually drive the cause to extremes for justice, emotional redress, self satisfaction or to obtain power or monetary aggrandizement. Emotional blind faith in ideologies is troubling. Only the curious logical are equipped to combat the faulty isms and influences and the critical thinking required appears to be at a nadir.
          IMO – now, cue the old adage on opinions

        • arn says:

          Nazis as far right was successfully established as part of the narrative ( maybe they had their seats on the right side of parliament ).

          Nazis are pretty much the national version of communism as the origins of modern fascism were established by a former communist by the name Mussolini.

          But, just as the term gay , it means something different today or just as the term liberal meant something different 100 years ago than it does nowadays.

        • Denis Rushworth says:

          I find the same confusion in my mind Conrad. I have always thought of left and right this way: Far left is communism. The government owns everything and makes all decisions regarding how that “everything” is to be used or disposed of. Half left is fascism. Private property is allowed so long as you do with it what the government directs. Far right is no government at all at any level. Dog eat dog. Right is small government controlling only that which requires control to sustain a civilized society.

          Sadly, the msm at least, and seemingly lots of people, don’t think of right vs left that way. To the majority, anything at all bad is right or far right (eg Trump the rightest of all.) Anything good is left or far left, the further left the better it is. The terms right and left have now descended into an Alice in Wonderland world where these words mean exactly what I want them to mean, neither more no less. Kinda useless words any more.

  2. Robertvd says:

    Tony Heller antisemitic. Wow! Who saw that coming?

  3. arn says:

    Asia is growing like crazy BECAUSE of massive increase in Co2 output,
    and if they continue their growth they will easily double their Co2 output by 2050 – so a double impact would be the expected and justified price to pay.

    The problem is that this claim is total BS and that there is no proof for that.
    If this was true no economy would have been able to grow constantly as all Co2 related growth would have been destroyed by Co2 related climate impacts.
    And when we take a look we may realise that increase in Co2 output never resulted in negative climate impacts (before data adjustment).

    And if we take a look at the major owners ADB we may find out that the major shareholders of the Bank,
    the oh so Asian,we’ ve our fingers in every war,monopol and social transformation – USA and Japan,
    ranked 2nd and 5th in global Co2 output and former leaders.

  4. jb says:

    Can u see him for defamation? (after all, he likes suing people…why not reverse it)

  5. Mann never justifies his crap science, but merely smears his critics. Methinks he doth protest too much. He only has to point out why Tony is wrong. If all he has is abuse and insults, why does anybody with an IQ in three figures pay any attention?

    Calling a Jew antisemitic is consistent with his general approach to research – just make up whatever facts you need to support your argument, regardless of the truth.

    Apparently, moral perfection is unconditional belief in the blessed hockey stick. Do not listen to the vile blasphemies of Tony Heller.

    • arn says:

      I do not think that Mann ever bothered to research wether Tony is jewish or not – as he never researches anything.

      Thing is not wether Tony is antisemitic,hindhu or jewish.
      Thing is that Mann delivers absolutely no proof for this crap but uses the shameless Obama tactic that was so masterfully exploited during his presidency
      and made Barack get away with crimes on a global scale for 8 years by calling everyone racist who dared to oppose him while the next president was totally attacked by the same guys for the next 4 years.

      I can talk crap and attack you as much as I want but you can not even criticize me because of my minority status – is what Mann is really saying – and no matter what you say it is a personal,racial attack.

      On the one hand this is pretty much the most unscientific behavior
      on the other hand consistent with the actions of a man/n who will not allow any criticism on Twitter = he is a political agitator and not a scientist.

  6. Allan Shelton says:

    It continues to amaze me that the faculty and board at Penn State will not do anything about his fraudulent claims.

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Mickey, the Rodent, didn’t learn all the tricks of sophistry so that he could protect against them. He learned them so that he could use them, however, in a very childish way. The more he posts, the more I am sure he really isn’t very bright.

  8. Thomas Robbins says:

    MM is a narcissistic, arrogant prick. How do I know? By his tweets and constant personal attacks on anyone that disagrees with him. Humorless and hateful.

    He does not care about anyone or the fake climate emergency… he cares about one thing…. Himself and his enormous ego (always a sign of someone who actually feels deep insecurities and inferior). He maybe labeled a “scientist” , but labels are meaningless.

    Like so many ultra libs, he thinks that his position automatically gives him moral and intellectual superiority. Sorry.. first you have to be a decent human being.

  9. Mac says:

    I wouldn’t trust Michael Mann, anyway, because he’s a liar and a con artist, but I definitely don’t trust people who use the overworked internet buzzword “tropes”. “Tropes” is the new “problematic”.

  10. Richard E Fritz says:

    how did the Hockey stick BOY Win the lawsuit against Mark Steyn – was it due to LOW IQ Jury or Jury who based their ideas on emotions
    Mann’s research was investigated after his and other scientists’ emails were leaked in 2009 in an incident that brought further scrutiny of the “hockey stick” graph, with skeptics claiming Mann manipulated data. Investigations by Penn State and others found no misuse of data by Mann, but his work continued to draw attacks, particularly from conservatives.Many scientists have followed Mann’s case for years as misinformation about climate change has grown on some social media platforms.

    “I hope people think twice before they lie and defame scientists,” said Kate Cell of Union of Concerned Scientists. Her work as senior climate campaign manager includes tracking misinformation related to climate change.

    at the end of the day Mann and Al Gore with Greta should be in CLUB FED for stealing MILLIONS of $$$

    • Disillusioned says:

      Union of Concerned Scientists

      You can join the Union of Concerned Scientists if you have a credit card – no advanced degree required. Anthony Watts’ dog Kenji became a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, for $35. (Anthony filled out Kenji’s application; Kenji never learned to write.)

      Mann and Al Gore with Greta should be in CLUB FED for stealing MILLIONS of $$$

      Big problem with that. They are doing the bidding for another Club Fed – their respective federal governments, mega-corporations and NGOs – members/supporters/beneficiaries of a really, really big, monied Agenda – and are thusly untouchable.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Last paragraph should not have been italicized. Edit:

        Big problem with that. They are doing the bidding for another Club Fed – their respective federal governments, mega-corporations and NGOs – members/supporters/beneficiaries of a really, really big, monied Agenda – and are thusly untouchable.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        The Marxists are good at coming up with these virtuous sounding names for a bunch of mindless sycophants. The one area where the Marxists have superior, Nobel Prize winning capability is in propaganda.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Yes, but today’s Marxists are more fascistic – it is a meld of corporations, NGOs and big government – all working to remove your rights and freedoms by creating problems which only they know how to fix.

        • Conrad Ziefle says:

          You are absolutely right about fascism. It appears to be the end game of collectivist evolution. I believe that China is now in that phase. A smart Marxist will eventually realize that business people are smarter than he is about running businesses, and he will yield that authority to them, if they in turn yield the political authority to him. Is a marriage made in hell for the common man.

  11. Bill Odom says:

    Not to be argumentative, but do “worlds greatest” and “climate scientist” belong in the same sentence?

    • arn says:

      You can be the worlds greatest even in the worst and most shittiest and fakest things – so i ‘d say yes.

      + some will laugh about the irony while Mann feels flateart… flattered.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I still like your concept on a philosophical level.

  12. rah says:

    He’s a miserable narcissist and will never change.

  13. Bill says:

    OT: Here’s an interesting story that takes me back.

    Germany Says It Will Have To BAN DRIVING At Weekends To Meet Net Zero Targets
    April 17, 2024

    “The German transport minister has declared that he will have to enforce a complete ban on driving at weekends throughout the country in order to comply with current climate ‘net zero’ laws.

    “Yes, really.

    “Volker Wissing has suggested changing the law to exclude the transport sector from carbon emissions reduction targets for now, because it is basically impossible without outlawing people getting in their cars.”

    It’s interesting because the same thing happened fifty years ago. For a slightly different reason.

    West Germany to Ban Sunday Driving (NYTimes archive)
    Nov. 17, 1973

    “BONN, Nov. 16 — Chancellor Willy Brandt said today that West Germany, facing shortages resulting from the Arab oil embargo, would ban Sunday driving beginning Nov. and impose other restraints on oil consumption.

    Mr. Brandt, speaking at a news conference, said that the Cabinet would decide on and announce the details on Monday. He declined until then to elaborate on the measures.”

    • arn says:

      The endgoal of net zero is to ban private car ownership – and love it.

      In this case they use Germany as testing ground to see how far they can go and adjust strategies.
      First weekend Bans.
      Then weekend and public hollyday.
      Then 3 out of 4 weekdays (Our last restriction – promise)
      Then another virus – stay at home for most of the week.
      Then ban of Diesel cars.
      Then ban of the rest.

  14. John Nebilak says:

    Wikipedia: the lefts “reality” in many cases.

  15. Walter says:

    If a bowel movement was a human being.

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