“an amazing documentary dismantling the climate change theory”

“I’ve just watched the most extraordinary documentary film, which comprehensively rejects and exposes the climate emergency hysteria that grips the Western world.

But you won’t be able to view it on the BBC or ITV. Climate: The Movie is available only on YouTube here (and I’m grateful to an article by Toby Young in The Spectator magazine for alerting me to it).

It shatters the great lie, endlessly parroted by mainstream broadcasters, that there is a scientific consensus on man-made climate change. Not least because those who feature on screen are among the most eminent scientists of their generation. They include William Happer, a professor of physics at Princeton University, who has advised three American presidents, and says: “The climate alarm is nonsense… it’s a hoax.”

Then there’s John F Clauser, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2022, who says: “I assert there is no connection whatsoever between CO2 and climate change.”

‘I’ve just watched an amazing documentary dismantling the climate change theory’ | Express Comment | Comment | Express.co.uk

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7 Responses to “an amazing documentary dismantling the climate change theory”

  1. jb says:

    hi tony….can u post a link to the video? I can’t seem to find it on youtube. Thanks,

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It may be on YouTube still, but buried under their promises of telling you the truth about the climate.
    It can also be found at Bit Chute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/UstNtjoqqd1U/
    Professor ShirtShop has a link at his site: https://professorshirt.com/
    I tweeted this article on. My sixth or so attempt to keep this moving below the surface waters of the Marxist media censorship. Who knows, maybe a journalist will actually think he has intellectual freedom and will bring it to the attention of the zombified public.

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    I just read this piece by Fergus Kelly (correct spelling) in Kelly’s Eye in yesterday’s Daily Express. The paper is fully on board with the fraud, so I was surprised to see this great movie reviewed here. But Fergus Kelly is always worth reading.

  4. Walter says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s concise and entertaining with excellent information.

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