Hockey Match

There seems to be a competition for the most idiotic hockey stick.

The 1990 IPCC report showed that temperatures were much warmer 5,000 years ago.


Evidence for this includes Arctic sea ice.

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago | ScienceDaily

Arctic temperatures.

Holocene Treeline History and Climate Change Across Northern Eurasia – ScienceDirect

Latitude and elevation of tundra

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5 Responses to Hockey Match

  1. dm says:

    Mr. Razzouk replies: Not one of the climatologists Tony sights new or nose how to read a thermometer, tree ring, ice core, ocean bottom or lake core … They NO NOTHING, NOTHING!!!

  2. Richard E Fritz says:

    IF I remember correctly the US Congress forced NOAA to supply the FACTS after 20 years of taking earths Temps from 2000 locations around world- they had been SCREAMING GLOBAL Warming – THE END is Near we all DIE- DIE- DIE – BUT THEY Could only show less than .5C of rise in Temps so the LIE was born- IF THE WORLD TEMP hit 1.5C Higher all life on earth is DEAD – so AOC Al Gore and Greta / IPCC have been pounding that lie for last 10 years

  3. arn says:

    Ah Mazzoud my brother.
    What else should we expect from a parasite who makes a living for decades by selling green energy?
    And before that a London investment banker – where all the carbon sham was created.
    Anf if a globalist POSshill is from London he most probably was also in its globalist twin city NY – in your case Columbia University.

    From someone born in a country where noone even knew what a weather station is 80 years ago.
    Just the right person to tell us how weather was 150000 years ago while you still can not predict tomorrows weather.
    A banker with a PH D in philosophy can only be a climate expert.
    (and I”m pretty sure that during the massive sea level rise and melting of ice caps there was not a single year that was hotter than tha last 12 month.

    To add insult to injury – just after the coldest month in decades ended in England and elsewhere in Europe
    where people were forced to turn on the heating, the government declared that this
    May was the hottest ever

    and here how the democratical process is be undermined in DC from day1,

    And here the scientific method of the other big science to justify a global powergrab.

  4. czechlist says:

    IMO this deception and mendacity began with a Senator named Albert Arnold Gore Jr. His legacy was in oil and tobacco which were both in ill favor in the 1980s so he needed a novel means of fame and fortune. Being a politician, he knew the value of fear and Global Warming fit his need.
    His “re-invention of government” cost me, and thousands of others, gainful employment as that policy redirected government funding from merit to the picking of winners and losers for political and aggrandizement (redundant?) purposes. I worked in private sector electro-physics R&D for 20 years but we were defunded by DARPA in 1994 with no explanation ither than a lack of funding available. I was subsequently contacted by national labs requesting information regarding our efforts and I have since witnessed our efforts maturing in foreign countries.
    Although I had no connection to the Supercollider project, I get pi ss ed off each time I read of CERN discoveries and advancements which should occur here.
    “No controlling authority” Agore should reside in the treachery circle of hell “servicing” Judas.

    remember the political demise of the supercollider.

  5. Bob G says:

    being from Minnesota I know something about hockey and that top graph doesn’t look anything like a hockey stick. it strongly resembles a shovel and how fitting, a shovel for shoveling BS. I live on the edge of a metro area of about 150,000 people. our temperature records go back to the 1880s and due to the size of our growing Urban heat island, I think those records are slightly skewed higher but 1931 still remains our hottest year on record.

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