Hockey Match

Earth was much warmer 5,000 years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were lower – so people whose income depends on climate alarmism had to rewrite history.

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5 Responses to Hockey Match

  1. Bill says:

    Another terrific summary video; I love the comparisons between climate scare mongering “theories” and basic concrete facts that can’t simply be wished away by theorists.

    Another fact that I’d add (you’ve stated it many times) to the video is that the thickness of Arctic sea ice averages just two or three METERS, compared to the multiple kilometer thickness of ice in the Antarctic and Greenland. It’s amazing to me that the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice has been relatively constant during my lifetime.

    • The ‘theory’ is really folklore. Material copied from lecturer’s blackboard to student’s notes, without passing through the brain of either. Anybody who actually understands the material, as opposed to merely manipulating equations or parroting the text book, will easily see through it.

  2. Junk science from the alarmists has brought science in general into disrepute, so all manner of crank ideas are gaining ground, on the basis that their supporting evidence is no more ridiculous than the rubbish the climate cult is presenting.

  3. oeman50 says:

    We don’t need no stinkin’ data! Who ya gonna believe, climate scientists or your lyin’ eyes?

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