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The Only Way To Have An Honest Debate Is To Silence The Opposition

Skeptics keep saying things that are contrary to what we believe, so we must silence them in order to allow an honest debate.

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CO2 Set To Collapse Civilization

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs  The new normal. Pull meaningless numbers out of your ass, and draw completely asinine conclusions based on them. The earth’s average temperature is set to increase 9°F (5°C) by 2100. And if we get to that point … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Build That

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Global Warming To Cause A New Ice Age

IF global warming proceeds as forecast, it could cause the Northern Hemisphere’s ice sheets to expand much as they did at the start of the last Ice Age, when the world’s climate was slightly warmer than it is today, American … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Humiliates The IPCC

The IPCC says that Himalayan glaciers will be gone by 2035, because they they are a bunch of spectacularly incompetent buffoons. MANALI: With high-altitude mountains in Himachal Pradesh experiencing up to 100 cm fresh snowfall in November month after 10 years, the abundance … Continue reading

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Fairbanks Maximum Temperatures Have Not Made It Up To The Normal Minimum This Month

The canary is just resting, waiting for the missing heat to come to the surface. History | Weather Underground

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Overheated Atmosphere Causing Record Cold

Winter’s new cold record -31.3C A new record-low temperature was set on Tuesday night in Vuotso, a village in Sodankylä in Finland’s far north, where the mercury plunged to a blistering -31.3 degrees Celsius. Winter’s new cold record -31.3C | … Continue reading

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Greenland Gaining Ice Mass

Every once in a while, some actual science occurs in the climate community. Ice core data are combined with RACMO2 regional climate model (RCM) output (1958-2010) to develop a reconstruction of the Greenland ice sheet net snow accumulation rate (Ât(G)) … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causes Cannibalism

Two fishermen lost in Siberia are suspected of killing and eating their friend in order to survive, it was claimed last night. A fourth man is also missing, leading to fears that he, too, was murdered and cannibalised. Alexander Abdullaev, … Continue reading

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UN : Rich People Control The Weather

Obama has been telling us that rich people are evil and must be heavily taxed. The Senate Majority Leader says that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay any taxes. The UN now confirms that rich people are evil, and that they control … Continue reading

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