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Protecting What Is Valuable

In Mexico, people understand that the world is dangerous. The transport of money involves three armed guards in the hotel lobby. In US schools, children are protected by teaching them about global warming and how it threatens their future.

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The Joy Of A Cold Healthy Climate

Hansen warns us that we could lose this, if we don’t imagine ourselves to be gods and delude ourselves into believing that we control something which is infinitely larger than us. 15 Feb 1929 – BIZARRE EFFECT AT LONDON FIRE PARIS, Wednesday. … Continue reading

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Protect Our Winters

These imbeciles think that they control the climate Home – Protect Our Winters They must be doing a fantastic job. Russia is enduring its harshest winter in over 70 years, with temperatures plunging as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Dozens … Continue reading

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My Personal Sacrifice

I gave up the cold, healthy climate of Fort Collins, Colorado this week to suffer in the dangerous warm climate of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Both pictures were taken today. I am so devoted to protecting miserable, cold climates that … Continue reading

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What We Have Learned About Climate Science

It appears that most climate scientists don’t know jack about anything, and are largely a bunch of mindless blowhards in search of parasitic funding.

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McKibben’s Record Mindless Streak Continues

Twitter / billmckibben: At last! Blizzard ending record … During the summer, McKitten blamed the lack of storms on global warming, and then when a storm happened he blamed it on global warming. Universities love this guy because he is completely irrational – like … Continue reading

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Paying Climate Reparations To China

Your SUV retroactively killed millions in China – due to retroactive warming in the future pipeline. 11 Jan 1889 – FAMINE IN CHINA.

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