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These Guys Knew They Were In A Gun Free Zone

A box cutter is not much of a match for a .45 caliber bullet. That gun free zone cost 4,000 lives, including this person

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Global Warming Skiing Devastation Continues

Winter Storm Draco – 2012 | Weather Underground During snowy weeks, we are told that the snow is due to global warming. During non-snowy weeks we are told that skiing is doomed because of global warming is keeping it from snowing.

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Americans Want To Protect Themselves – Before The Government Takes That Constitutional Right Away

Parents of children at the Sandy Hook school have visited a gun store asking to buy weapons for protection in the wake of the shooting. One gun shop owner in Newtown reported that a couple had been in his shop … Continue reading

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Major Blizzard Headed For The Permanent Midwest Drought

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Human Nature Too Simple For Lefties To Understand

We put armed security guards in banks, because they protect our valuables. Michael Bloomberg has armed security guards to protect himself. Barack Obama has armed Secret Service agents to protect himself. The presence of guns under the control of responsible, trained people … Continue reading

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Arctic Meltdown Update

Fairbanks is averaging an incomprehensible -28C this month, with -40C in the forecast for the foreseeable future. History | Weather Underground

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Obama To Name Lying Nutcase As New Secretary Of State

Only a complete imbecile would believe that the US, Barack Obama or John Kerry control the climate. This is 14th century superstition. Even if you believe the most pessimistic climate models, China and India are building 1,000 coal fired power … Continue reading

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What Role Did Climate Alarmists Play In The Massacre?

Similar to many people who listen to climate alarmists, Adam Lanza’s mother was convinced that the US faces imminent doom. Children are taught in schools that their parents are destroying the planet, and that all life on the planet is … Continue reading

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Utah Skiing Devastation Update – Twelve Feet Of Snow This Autumn

Last Updated: Monday December 17th, 2012 at 6:32 AM Alta Ski Area | MOUNTAIN REPORT Last week, NRDC reported that Utah skiing is doomed from global warming.

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McKibben’s Brain On Lead Paint

Twitter / billmckibben: Oyster larvae in acidic water … The ocean is not acidic, and atmospheric CO2 was much higher during the vast majority of time when Oysters existed on Earth. McKibben is completely out of control.

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