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It Has Started

It is now almost impossible to purchase a firearm, because the Feds have quit processing background checks. The queue in Colorado is 1,500 deep and wait time is listed as 21 hours. Last weekend it was three people and five minutes. Obama … Continue reading

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Utah Climate Devastation Causes Snowboards To Split In Half


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Obama’s Christmas List

Obama says that you have been naughty – for having free will, being successful and for emitting CO2. He wants  : Your money Your guns Your car Your freedom Your health insurance Control of your thermostat Your Constitution You to shut … Continue reading

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Gun Control Is The First Phase Of Genocide

http://news.google.com In 1943 Warsaw Jews got some guns, and gave the Nazis hell for a month. Cairns Post Saturday 13 May 1944 13 May 1944 – THE REVOLT IN THE WARSAW GHETTO.

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Lefties Thought School Massacres Were Funny And Appropriate Last Year


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Ban Fertilizer

Banning fertilizer could have saved dozens of children in Oklahoma City and Bath, Michigan The Montreal Gazette – Google News Archive Search

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Ban Box Cutters

Two pistols could have saved 4,000 lives

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Why Israeli Schools Are Safe

Tiny Israel is surrounding by 500 million people who want to see them exterminated. They understand that guns are the only thing which keeps their children safe. If teachers in the US were similarly prepared, there would be no school … Continue reading

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The World’s Leading Climate Experts


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Who Are These People?

  There is something very weird going here. These are not normal human beings.

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