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MLS Cup Final Quiz

Houston Will Win LA Will Win I don’t care about soccer I like soccer, but don’t care about American soccer All of the above None of the above

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Fergie’s 12th Man Halsey Doing A Good Job Again In Reading

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Visualizing How Wildly Corrupt NOAA And GISS Are

The graph below shows the number of daily US temperature readings over 40C, recorded at all 595 HCN stations continuously active since 1900. NOAA and GISS claim that the 2011/2012 heatwaves were unprecedented, when in fact they weren’t even in the top … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Latest Sea Level Fraud

The claim that sea level rise has increased since the 2007 IPCC meeting, is complete garbage. The post 2007 trend (light blue) is less than the 1993-2007 (red) trend. ftp://ftp.aviso.oceanobs.com/pub/oceano/AVISO/indicators/msl/MSL_Serie_MERGED_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_NoAdjust.txt

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Climate Change Causes Campus Massacre

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — The first victim was found in the gutter of a quiet residential street, just as the killer was shedding blood again on the campus of a nearby community college. Wielding some kind of sharp-edged weapon, he … Continue reading

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The Pinocchio Approach To Climate Science

The new normal is to ramp up the lies further with each sentence. Climate Change Seas rising 60 percent faster PARIS, Nov 28, 2012 (AFP) – Sea levels are rising 60-percent faster than the UN’s climate panel forecast in its … Continue reading

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