Bill McKibben Looking To Save The Planet

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    • johnmcguire says:

      Actually , Rice or Kerry you get the same leftist jargon . They are really two peas in a pod and they are puppets to be manipulated by their boss . As far as B McKitten goes anyone taking advice from him has to be dumber than he is , of course that takes in a huge number of wacked out lefties as collectively their iq doesn’t reach room temperature even with hansen working the numbers .

  1. Let’s see if I can manage a little Alarmist Logic™.

    The poster above shows a chicken with hominid teeth.
    The poster was produced, or comissioned & approved by Disney®.
    Disney® owns the American Broadcasting Company.
    ABC produces & broadcasts ABC Word News™.
    ABC Word News™ is anchored by Diane Sawyer.
    Diane Sawyer believes that chickens have hominid teeth.
    Diane Sawyer beileves in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
    Thus it is obvious that people who believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming also believe that chickens have hominid teeth.

  2. It is an uncanny resemblance though.

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