Forecast The Lies

A good look at how climate science ignores science, and are helped along by their fellow Bolshevik travelers in  the press and government.

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Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts and former editor of ThinkProgress Green, stood up and interrupted

This nation is facing a fundamental threat to its existence, and the people of New York and people all across America are already suffering the effects, the consequences of carbon pollution, and the president has been silent on that threat and is promoting an agenda of increased dependence on fossil fuels. Even with the aftermath of Sandy, the president has still been silent on the reality of this threat, and that silence needs to end.”

Valerie Jarrett’s RootsCamp Speech Interrupted By Climate Activist Brad Johnson

The fundamental threat is from liars like Brad Johnson, and are pushing a political agenda. Huffington Post knows that he is lying, yet happily goes along with him.

Martin Hoerling, who chairs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate variability research program and oversees NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators, debunked the assertion global warming played a significant role in Hurricane Sandy.

“Great events, like this meteorological one, can happen with little cause,” Hoerling further explained in the Huffington Post. “Individually, neither the tropical storm nor the extratropical storm that embraced it, were unusual. What makes this a rare, perhaps once in a lifetime event, is the fortuity of their timely (“untimely” as far as most are concerned who sit in harm’s way) intersection.”

The Huffington Post reported Hoerling’s colleague Randall M. Dole said the convergence of events that made Sandy a superstorm was just “random bad luck.”

NOAA Climate Investigator Says No Link Between Global Warming, Hurricane Sandy | Heartlander Magazine

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  1. gofer says:

    I sometimes find it hard to believe that I’m actually hearing someone call on the govt. to do something about the weather and not be locked in a rubber room. It’s right up there with Guam tipping over from too many people. Both are insane.

  2. Sadly, Hoerling might be out of a job soon if he keep reporting factual information…

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