How NCDC Hides The Decline

Bill Illis found this NCDC graph from 1991. It correctly shows that 1934 and 1921 were the two hottest years in the US.

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 02 09.02

The graph below is NCDC’s current US graph.

ScreenHunter_320 Dec. 02 12.59


I overlaid them on each other, normalized to 1934. The 1991 version is shown in blue below.

ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 02 09.36

Two things become clear

  1. They cooled all pre-1970 temperatures by nearly 0.4C. Note how the 10C line is about 0.4C lower on the old graph than on the current graph.
  2. After 1970, all current graph temperatures are increasingly raised. The 1990 temperature in the 2012 graph is 0.2C above its value in the 1990 graph.

This graph doesn’t show any of the damage done after 1990, but you can see that it increases exponentially by comparing versus GHCN HCN temperatures.

Index of /pub/data/ushcn/v2.5/

Conclusion – NOAA/USHCN/GISS/NCDC US temperature trends are a complete fraud.

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20 Responses to How NCDC Hides The Decline

  1. Rick Pay says:

    Steven offf topic but have you noticed that the Naval Research lab can measure the ice thickness in Hudson Bay at locations where the NSICD and Canadian Ice Services can’t see any ice …. funny how that works 😉
    Also with all the cold in the Arctic how is DMI still calculating above average temps … any idea where their “hot spot” is or is it all in the magical adjustments?

    • I think the DMI temperatures are probably pretty accurate. There are still a lot of areas of open water which hold temperatures up.

      • Rick Pay says:

        Steven I guess that would be my point … looking at the Arctic ocean north of 80 lat & depending on whose site you look at the only open water is at Svalbard … likely on the northwest portion of the coast and so with lots of cold elsewhere it seems that the Svalbard area temps are punching above their weight on the DMI graph. Anyway this was just a FYI / what do you think . Too many sites just can’t ever bring themselves to show a temp or other data that doesn’t support the alarmism.

  2. kbray in california says:

    This fraud should be prosecuted as a form of treason.
    National security could become impaired by crippling regulations imposed on society and businesses. Throw the bums in jail.

  3. physicist says:

    so how many papers on all this perpetual bull shit have you submitted to the AGU conference this month to publically make your claims of lying, cheating and stealing?

  4. I always want to add that Bill Illis is a legend and if they ever have a Bill Illis fan club, I’ll join 😉

  5. Rob J says:

    Where’s lil’ Davey Appel? He usually arrives about now to inform us that such incontrovertible evidence is bogus since it doesn’t jive with his communist worldview.

  6. Bannor says:

    “Quamvis sint sub aqua sub aqua maledicere temptant.” However, I’d still recommend the reading of “A friend of the Earth” by your fellow-countryman T.C. Boyle in order to gain an insight (into human nature – to come full circle with reference to the Lycian farmers).

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