It Has Started

It is now almost impossible to purchase a firearm, because the Feds have quit processing background checks. The queue in Colorado is 1,500 deep and wait time is listed as 21 hours. Last weekend it was three people and five minutes.

Obama can shut down firearm sales any time he wants – through abuse of the regulatory process.

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7 Responses to It Has Started

  1. B.C. says:

    They can run your background in milliseconds if you get stopped for having a burned-out license plate illuminating bulb, but it’s impossible for them to do exactly the same if it’s for purchasing something to protect you and your family from government and union goons thugs and murderers. Orwell was off by a couple of decades.

  2. Last time I bought a hand gun (it was a while ago) the feds had 5 (or was it 8?) days to deny the sale, or you got to buy your hand gun. Is the law that different now?

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    and that is exactly what he’ll do. As with all Oblarnies acts he will do it by the regs. As he once said “there is more than one way to skin a cat” when congress refused to do what he wanted.

  4. Perfekt says:

    Lucky You!!!
    In some parts of Sweden, the background check and investigation if you really need a gun is now 8-9 months. On top of that, if you apply for a onehand weapon, your license to have it will only be valid for five years. After that they evaluate if you really need the gun and not surpirsingly, the answer is often No.

  5. Pathway says:

    I checked with a local gun shop and the word is that after Governor Hickup wrote a full page article on how we need more gun control in Colorado the gun sales are so high that the system can’t handle the load. I saw an article in the Business Times that the system shut down on Black Friday as well.

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