Understanding Whistleblowing

Publishing fake, stolen and forged documents about Heartland is a good thing.

Publishing publicly funded drafts of IPCC reports is pure evil.

™AGU Ethics Committee

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9 Responses to Understanding Whistleblowing

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Because it does not contribute to the greater good. Why you no ristnen? ;))

  2. Rob J says:

    I bet lil’ Davey Apple can explain why this is true. 😉

  3. Scott says:

    Well clearly the Heartland documents were the final versions, particularly the faked one. But because the IPCC document was a draft, the people paying for it shouldn’t see it…obviously. /sarc

    More seriously, one almost always tends to get a better understanding of not just the subject but also those writing the material if they get to see the draft copies of works. Think about the popularity of authors’ notes and drafts with popular fiction works.


  4. Think about all these orchestrated media efforts to push AGW, combine them with a botched cyber break-in, leaked climate scientist emails, an incompetent international organization attempting to impose global regulations, and other wild shenanigans, and you have the ‘mystery/thriller/intrigue movie idea I suggested in a JunkScience comment yesterday ( http://ow.ly/g5HnO ) resulting from news about “Al Gore Asks Hollywood for More Climate Change Storylines”.

    “All The Vice President’s Men”

  5. Sorry, why can’t people see drafts of science reports? They are just science reports aren’t they?

  6. Kapow says:

    Nice acronym. Where have we seen that before…?

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