US Murder Rate Down Since The Assault Weapons Ban Was Lifted

The Assault Weapons Ban was lifted in 2004, and the murder rate in the US has declined 14% since then.

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FBI — Table 1

During the last five years of the ban, the murder rate was going up – but has since declined sharply. Diane Feinstein is of course lying about this – because she understands that centralized totalitarian power is impossible with an armed population.

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4 Responses to US Murder Rate Down Since The Assault Weapons Ban Was Lifted

  1. peterh says:

    Take a look at the statistics for England and Australia…

    Google: England crime rate after gun control
    Google: Australia crime rate after gun control

    Crime, especially gun crime, has sky rocketed in those two nations since gun bans and confiscations…while in the same time U.S. crime rates have declined.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    Facts are a nuisance for leftys.

  3. The most curious aspect of all reporting of gun related fatalities, and especially for the USA, is the presumption that all of the 10,000 gun deaths are innocent. This is all the more curious given the known gun deaths in major cities like Chicago and LA where gang related conflict accounts for the major part of the totals.

    It is time we asked how many guns have provided a valuable public service in allowing scumbags to eliminate each other and thereby save the taxpayer millions of dollars that they would otherwise have spent on very expensive jail time?

    And it is time we asked how many more scumbags were put away by law abiding citizens who were protecting themselves and who also provided a very valuable public service in doing so.

    The maths is compelling. If jail time costs more than $100,000 a year then the premature death of a scumbag who was destined to serve at least 10 years has saved the taxpayer a million dollars. And the premature death of 1000 of them will save the price of a fully equiped teaching hospital each year.

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