Visualizing The Depravity Of The Climate Liars

The press has been bombarding us all year with claims that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting, and at a record rate – based on a blatantly fraudulent article from NASA that 97% of the ice had “unprecedentedly” melted. The article also said that this unprecedented event happens every 150 years and was right on time.

ScreenHunter_357 Dec. 26 09.17

July 24, 2012

Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt


“Ice cores from Summit show that melting events of this type occur about once every 150 years on average. With the last one happening in 1889, this event is right on time,” says Lora Koenig, a Goddard glaciologist

NASA – Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt

The graph below plots daily maximum temperatures at the center of the ice sheet this summer. Maximum temperatures have averaged -24C this year, with a peak temperature of 2C

ScreenHunter_357 Dec. 26 09.03

Saturday is forecast to be the coldest day of the year at -59C

ScreenHunter_357 Dec. 26 09.12

Weather Forecast Summit, Greenland | Summit Weather | Wunderground

NASA chose to misrepresent lie about cherry-picked information, in order to create the impression that a non-existent meltdown is occurring.

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3 Responses to Visualizing The Depravity Of The Climate Liars

  1. Andy DC says:

    From your chart, it is obvious that the ice cap is doomed (sarc).

  2. miked1947 says:

    If this is a normal part of long term weather patterns, then “Unprecedented” would be if the region went 300 years without a major melt.
    Then of course I do not believe the so called “Major Melt” was more than a “Wet Dream” the alarmists had. 😉

  3. tannngl says:

    Everything they publish to prove their theories seems to disintegrate in their hands…

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