What Role Did Climate Alarmists Play In The Massacre?

Similar to many people who listen to climate alarmists, Adam Lanza’s mother was convinced that the US faces imminent doom. Children are taught in schools that their parents are destroying the planet, and that all life on the planet is doomed.

When children are taught that their parents are evil and that their life is hopeless, they are bound to act anti-socially. Some more than others.

It is time for climate nutcases (Al Gore, Bill McKibben, James Hansen, etc.) to stop their greedy, mindless fear-mongering.

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17 Responses to What Role Did Climate Alarmists Play In The Massacre?

  1. Ah, I wondered if this might play a part. So far we can add over use of anti-depressants, Ritalin, several mental syndromes and possibly violent “doomsday” type games and films to the matrix which seems to produce the sort of mindset displayed at Columbine and now in Connecticut …

  2. kirkmyers says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with making preparations for the coming economic meltdown — and it is coming.

    As far as AGW is concerned, it’s a myth borne of junk science.

  3. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Guns. Drugs. One – so far – legal, one – so far – banned. Those who need them will get a hold of them them.

    • roger says:

      Here in the UK a similar episode brought about a conviscation and destruction of handguns with minimal compensation.
      Previously legitimate Pistol Clubs were closed down and those who wished to continue with their sport in international competitions were obliged to go to France or Belgium to train.
      Now only the “Gangstas” and criminals have access to handguns which are just as prevalent in those societies as they had always been.
      Don’t let Obama legislate away your rights opportunistically as a result of this sad affair. He wiped his eye whilst giving his support to the bereaved but I saw no tears nor even dampness there.
      Just another politician calculating the percentages. They all make me sick.

      • Ian W says:

        They don’t want to hear about Dunblane* or Hungerford* in a rigidly gun controlled country. They have been given this opportunity to try to impose rigid gun control and they will take it. Pointing out that the Swiss have more guns per household than the US as each military age Swiss man is required to be armed, does not sway them from their resolve.

        The problems seem to be (in no particular order):
        * Lack of care for mentally disturbed as being politically correct is higher priority than treatment
        * Children never being allowed to ‘fail’ – everyone has to be a winner. So not getting ones own way leads to tantrums (which always get them their own way)
        * A continual dehumanizing ‘othering’ of opponents. Children are taught to ‘hate’ all sorts of groups from global warming deniers to other political parties – to ‘bankers and capitalists’.
        * The resolution to all things is shown nightly on TV in both adult and children’s programs; violence usually with guns A-team to The Matrix to the Equalizer all the same theme.
        * A continual diet of violent computer games where killing the opponents (the others) is the intent
        * A complete lack of moral compass the society is becoming materialistic and selfish

        Lets face it even 350.0rg showed opposing children being blown up – I wonder if they would want to show that video now? But that is precisely the emotive effect of othering and dehumanizing and not letting children learn what it means to fail.

        So rather than solve the problems in society many of which have routes in the progressive ideas, what will happen is that there will be extreme pressure to curtail the rights of honest citizens. It will have no effect on gun crime as UK has found,

        *Google the names followed by ‘massacre’

      • gator69 says:

        Hey Ivan! Fifty years ago the birthrate to single mothers in America was 2-3%, now it is nearly 40% and rising. It is not always possible to raise a problem child with 2 parents there to coach and guide, imagine trying to do it alone. The destruction of the family unit and dismissal of Judeo Christian values has not helped in civilizing us.

        And yes, the violence in modern society is over the top. We went from “Andy Griffith” to “CSI” and expected no change?

  4. GAI says:

    Thanks Steven, I made the ritalin connection but not the scare the crap out of kids and then blame the parents connection.

    I think you have a definite point

  5. miked1947 says:

    12-21-2012 is just around the corner!
    Of course after that passes they will have another date waiting in the wings!
    I would think Environmentalists had a major role in many if the social misfit issues we have experienced over the last 40 years. And the MSM are serious promoters of this type of activity.
    I wonder how much of a tingle Chris got out of this event,

  6. gator69 says:

    Their rhetoric only amplifies any self loathing, and all loathing of humanity.

  7. robert barclay says:

    You can heat co2 until you are blue in the face the heat cannot go into the ocean because of surface tension. There is no such thing as AGW. the teachers are lying to the children. Time to call the FBI.

  8. Justa Joe says:

    The Unabomber and James J. Lee, who attacked the Discovery Channel, were both motivated by the warmists’ rhetoric so the question is very legitimate.

    • I’m not trying to create a direct link, but rather point out that people like Al Gore are willing to destroy the fabric of civilization in order to line their own pockets. The actions of these scumbags have consequences.

  9. Andy DC says:

    At least Lanza saved those children from living their lives on a planet with non-existent warming.

  10. Adam Gallon says:

    Any sane people in America?

  11. Ian W says:

    An interesting article here – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2249437/I-Adam-Lanzas-mother-Blogger-admits-fear-troubled-son-Newtown-tragedy-exposes-lack-care-mentally-ill.html

    With people around already on the edge catastrophism from Gore or the Maya or the Doomsday Preppers is enough to push them over. Yet politicians seem only able to use the ‘scare the folks’ mode. While no-one appears willing to solve the real problem for these unfortunates with mental problems.

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