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Ever Wondered What A World Class Slimeball Looks Like?

Ben Carson and the Truth – The New York Times This comment about sums up the filth pictured above.

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It Keeps Getting Better

I had a breakthrough this weekend. I finally found a safe route to cycle from Boyds, MD to Gaithersburg, MD – and don’t need to take the train any more. My transportation expenses in Maryland are getting close to zero.

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China’s Response To Global Warming

China is so worried about global warming, they are doubling their CO2 output by 2030, and loaning money to the Maldives to build a new airport on the beach. HaveeruOnline – Maldives, China near pact on airport runway Global_Carbon_Budget_2014_v1.0_final21Sept2014

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We’ve Seen Barack Obama Before

In 1776, Barack Obama was named “King George III” He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended … Continue reading

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What Part Of “The UN Is Corrupt” Doesn’t Newsweek Understand?

Newsweek has finally figured out that the UN Climate Fund is corrupt, but they can’t put two and two together and realize that the junk UN science behind the UN Climate Fund is also corrupt. Green Climate Fund Must Fight … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Growth Continues To Blow Away All Records During NASA’s Hottest Year Ever

Government experts say that 2015 is the hottest year ever, despite the fact that all actual evidence shows that they are lying. Arctic sea ice growth has been at record levels this year  Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske … Continue reading

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97% Of Climate Scientists Base Their Research On Fraudulent Data From NASA And NOAA

In 2001, NASA showed just under 0.6C warming from 1880 to 1999 Fig.A.ps Now they show just under 1.2C warming during that same interval. Fig.A.gif The next graph overlays the two above at the same scale, with the Y-axis normalized … Continue reading

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All Hurricanes Are Now The Most Powerful Ever

Hurricane experts now declare every storm to be the most powerful on record. In  2013, they declared Typhoon Yolanda at Tacloban to be the most powerful storm ever. Tacloban Survived the World’s Strongest Recorded Storm, but Only Just | TIME … Continue reading

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Major Hurricane in In 1635 Convinced Puritans That Apocalypse Is Imminent

New England hasn’t been hit by a major hurricane in over 60 years, but the 1635 storm had 130 MPH winds, snapped trees like “pick-up sticks” and convinced the Puritans “the apocalypse was imminent” 23 Nov 2006, Page 31 – … Continue reading

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