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Government Scientists Continue To Ramp Up Their Criminal Activity Ahead Of Paris

By SETH BORENSTEIN  Nov. 22, 2015 10:51 AM EST federal ground-based data, which scientists said is more reliable than satellites AP FACT CHECK: Most GOP candidates flunk climate science Ground data is more reliable than satellites? Consider Greenland. Satellites used … Continue reading

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Science 1941 : Global Warming Caused Hitler

Kerry Blames Global Warming And Israel For Rise Of ISIS… | Weasel Zippers John Kerry says that global warming at 400 PPM CO2 produced drought and ISIS.  This is a familiar theme, because in 1941 experts said that global warming … Continue reading

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NOAA Data Tampering – Much Worse Than It Seems

Congress is focused on one small aspect of NOAA’s temperature fraud – the changes they made to eliminate the hiatus ahead of Paris. This was needed by the White House to give Obama a big lie to push his agenda … Continue reading

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Science Vs. Junk Science In 1932

Gavin Schmidt at NASA tells us that people in 1932 didn’t know how to read thermometers. They did however know how to split atoms, and precisely calculate the energy balance of converting Lithium into Helium. 2 May 1932, Page 4 … Continue reading

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