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1964 Global Cooling Arctic Spike Was Larger Than 2015

In the early 1960’s the Guardian was warning its readers about the coming ice age. The ice age cometh In 1964, the Arctic had a temperature spike similar to yesterday. 1964 2015 Yesterday’s man-made global warming spike which melted the Arctic … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Climate Becoming Much Milder

The frequency of extreme temperatures (hot and cold) in Wisconsin has plummeted since 1988 when NASA’s James Hansen warned that extreme temperatures would increase. In 1936, almost one day out of five was either over 90F or below 0F. Recently … Continue reading

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1988 Consensus : 3-7 Degrees Warming By 2020

The consensus of climate scientists have been racing against time since 1988, to save the planet from 3-7 degrees warming by the year 2020. A ‘race against time’ as world heats up Hundreds of billions of dollars in climate research … Continue reading

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Arctic Meltdown Update

Experts say that a terrifying storm melted the North Pole yesterday This unprecedented melting event has caused Arctic ice to reach its highest December extent in over a decade. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut One buoy 300 … Continue reading

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Just In The Nick Of Time

Climate experts predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free no later than 2015. What climate scientists talk about now – Their prediction was not looking good until today – when the third spike of the last two months (up … Continue reading

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Are There Any Cities The Guardian Hasn’t Drowned Yet?

The Guardian drowned Tokyo in 1936 TOKIO FACING INUNDATION

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Wednesday Will See The Usual BS From Climate Alarmists

North Pole to melt today! Earth to drown! Models are reality! The Terrifying Storm That Will Melt the North Pole This Week – The Atlantic The closest buoy to the North Pole is showing -10C at 1800 GMT North Pole 90N … Continue reading

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Guardian 1974 : Global Cooling – 30 Years Of Drought – Wolves Outside Parliament

In 1974, the Guardian predicted 30 years of drought, caused by an expanding polar vortex, caused by a dimming sun. They also predicted that the Arctic would move to London and wolves would camp outside Parliament. Thirty+more+dry+years+still+to+come The+Snow+BlitzWolves

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Guardian Confirms NASA/CSIRO Sea Level Fraud

In 1963, the Guardian reported a sharp drop in sea level rise rates since 1940. Sea level rising less rapidly NASA data now shows a sharp rise after 1940. The exact opposite of what actually happened. Climate Change: Vital Signs of … Continue reading

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1974 : Guardian Warned Of A New Ice Age

The Guardian claims now that there never was an ice age scare. The one they said was coming fast in 1974.

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