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1923 : Scientist Warned That Glacier National Park Could Disappear Before 1950

In 1923, scientists said that Glacier National Park could disappear before 1950, and  that one third of its ice had disappeared since 1905. 29 Dec 1923, Page 5 – at Newspapers.com This rapid melting from 1905 to 1923 occurred during NASA’s … Continue reading

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Another Day – More Massive Fraud from NASA

NASA is blaming glacier melt on global warming today, which they know is a completely fraudulent claim. NASA knows perfectly well that Greenland was melting during their coldest years on record. Dr. Walt Meier (now at NASA) personally told me that … Continue reading

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Driving Sucks

Last night I was riding my bicycle home from work about 10PM, and heard a loud clacking sound on the edge of the forest in Germantown, MD. It was two Whitetail bucks sparring. I see all kinds of amazing stuff … Continue reading

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No Net Warming In Southwest Greenland Since The 19th Century

After a short spike around the year 2000, temperatures in southwest Greenland have been plummeting since 2003, are the coldest this year since 1993, and are averaging no warmer now than they were in the 19th century. Climate experts insist … Continue reading

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50% Increase In Eurasian Autumn Snow Cover Since 1979

Fifteen years ago, British climate experts said “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years … Continue reading

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Scientists Recycling The Identical Scam From 75 Years Ago

You really can’t make this stuff up. Climate scientists are plagiarizing 75 year old scare stories for their latest alarmism. Global warming rapidly melts massive Greenland glacier Seventy five years ago, most of the glaciers in Northeast Greenland were on the … Continue reading

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Carly Busted By Her Own Words

At the debate Tuesday night, Fiorina slammed Donald Trump for saying he had met Russian President Vladimir Putin in the “60 Minutes” greenroom, noting that she’d met Putin at “a meeting” not a “greenroom.” Ann Coulter – November 11, 2015 … Continue reading

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Big Story Coming Soon

I have an important story coming soon. Something I will need your help with to stop a major government injustice here in Maryland.

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