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1971 Stunner : NASA And NCAR Knew That Catastrophic Global Warming Was A Farce

In 1971, NASA and NCAR’s top climatologists knew that even a massive increase in atmospheric CO2 would produce less than 2 degrees warming. The entire basis of the catastrophic global warming scam has been known to be a fraud from … Continue reading

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What Is Fun About This?

I had to drive down to Fredricksburg, Virginia yesterday. This meant leaving at 6 am to miss the traffic on the Beltway. I waited until 6 pm to return home, and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all the … Continue reading

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Bald Eagle On The Potomac

Riding up to Harper’s Ferry this morning I got lucky and saw this beauty across the river in Virginia.

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What Part Of This Is Difficult To Understand?

The obsession with global warming will put the lights out all over Britain – Telegraph Politicians who are pushing global warming, are traitors destroying our security. Period.

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Record Arctic Ice Growth Continues

Arctic sea ice continues its record growth this autumn, having gained four million km² since September 1 after the shortest melt season on record. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Land ice has also grown at a record … Continue reading

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NOAA Climate Criminals Can’t Cover Their Tracks Fast Enough

NOAA’s climate criminals claim sea level is rising almost twice as fast as their sea level people do. NOAA’s climate people claim that sea level is rising 3.2 mm/year. Their sea level people say it is just over half that. … Continue reading

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Now That Lying About The Climate Is A Crime …..

I was stuck in traffic on I-95 and the Beltway for two hours tonight, and was listening to NPR. They had a story about Keystone. Obama said that Keystone “would not be a disaster for the climate, but it would … Continue reading

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