“Climate Is Still The Same – Memories Are To Blame”

Fifty years ago, The Chicago Tribune pointed out that belief in climate change is driven by faulty memory.


November 3, 1963 – Climate Is Still the Same; Memories Are to Blame | Chicago Tribune Archive

A similar conclusion was reached in 1871 by the Pall Mall Gazette

screenhunter_1858-jan-15-22-36 (2)

10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

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2 Responses to “Climate Is Still The Same – Memories Are To Blame”

  1. Ben Vorlich says:

    The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has many instances of phrases like there was no man then alive who could remember when referring to severe weather events, such as snow in AD 1046 and AD 1115. Just because no one can remember a previous similar event it doesn’t mean there haven’t been such events. The BBC and MO should remember this. In this case no memories are to blame.

  2. Svend Ferdinandsen says:

    Some times i wonder if it is a qualification for climate scientists to suffer from Alzheimer?
    You know, any weather is always worse than they remember, and they have never seen that before.

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