Risking It All For Science

Climate experts say that humans can’t survive two degrees of warming.

I’m about to test that out with fifty degrees warming in the Yucatan. Wish me luck!


If I wasn’t such a rebel, I would heed the scientists and go to Winnipeg instead.


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17 Responses to Risking It All For Science

  1. Guirme says:

    Wow! That’s what I call living dangerously.

  2. Jack Striker says:

    Mr. Heller, is the data presented here by the CRU (third image) also subject to the tampering seen by NASA and GISS? http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp1.html

    If so, what does that say about the climate that this week’s temperatures are still so much colder than “average”…

  3. Charles Nelson says:

    We’re ‘praying’ for you.

  4. Terrence says:

    We used to call Winnipeg – WINTERPEG – because of its long, cold, windy winters.

  5. Did you receive a government research grant for this experiment?

  6. SteveO says:

    Children just won’t know what a beach is anymore.

  7. Sandra Rose says:

    Mr. Heller:

    Perhaps you could enlighten me regarding some points of confusion.

    First, you mention in your post that “Climate experts say that humans can’t survive two degrees of warming.” Which climate experts are you referring to? Can you provide specific links to the articles that they’ve published which make this claim?

    Second, your statement is confusing and ambiguous to non-experts, such as myself. When you say “…humans can’t survive two degrees of warming,” what unit of measure are you referring to? Celsius and Fahrenheit are similar in that they measure temperature, but different in their sensitivity and point of reference. A one degree rise in Celsius is, in absolute terms, different than a one degree rise in Fahrenheit.

    Third, I should note that the latter part of your original statement is true, regardless of unit of measure. “…humans cannot survive a two degree increase in warming.” At least, not for an extended period of time. The average temperature of a person is 98.2 (±0.72) °F. I will assume this is the unit of measure you were referring to earlier. A two degree increase would place a human’s temperature at 100.2 °F . This is known as a fever. Humans are not designed to operate at this temperature for extended periods of time.

    Finally, it would seem, based on the statement that you made and the picture that you’ve shown, that you are conflating ‘climate’ with ‘weather.’ The latter refers to singular points in time while the former describes patterns that emerge over time. ‘Weather’ is a variable that describes what one will expect to observe in a given day. For example, the weather in City X will be dry in the morning and will stay dry in the evening. The former refers to what one can expect over time. For example, the ‘climate’ in the Southwest part of the United States, throughout the year, is different from the climate in the Northeast part of the United States, throughout the same part of the year.

    • ralph says:

      “The average temperature of a person is 98.2 (±0.72) °F. I will assume this is the unit of measure you were referring to earlier. A two degree increase would place a human’s temperature at 100.2 °F . This is known as a fever. Humans are not designed to operate at this temperature for extended periods of time.”

      Oh please.. I used to work at these temperatures for the better half of 8 hours a day, inside. The picture was taken June 2010. Temps have not been this high since then. BTW everyone survived including the welders.

    • Karl W. Braun says:

      A distinction must be made between body and ambient temperature.

  8. David Appell says:

    Do you know the difference in average global temperature between a world with 2 miles ice over Chicago and today?

    About 8 C.

    So now tell me why 1 C of warming is nothing, let along the 2 C we’re now committed to.

    My guess is you don’t have the balls to even allow this comment.

    • tonyheller says:

      Satellites show no warming for 19 years. How long does it take to get to 2C?

    • Jack Striker says:

      1ºC of warming is nothing because there has been no warming whatsoever. Try paying attention.

    • Joel O'Bryan says:

      the period 1450 – 1850 AD was likely the coldest period of the last 10Kyr. Which is why the IPCCs TAR was so desparate to erase it with Mann’s tree ring data fraud. But M&M busted them and that statistical fraud. And of today’s supposed ~+1.0 C anomaly, approx 0.38 C is purely synthetic data manipulation.

      But even if it was real, why is +2C bad? The Roman War Period was warmer than present, and the Holocene Climate Optimum was warmer still. Why do < 8000 yr old tree stumps emerge from underneath today's retreating European and N American glaciers?




      Uncomfortable Answer for Climate fraudsters: It was much warmer at various intervals of the current interglacial than today.

      And so +2 C warming with 450-600 ppm of CO2 would likely be a modern climate optimum, with a steadily greening biosphere able to support humanity as it pushes 9 billion by 2100. We should celebrate our fortune to be living in a warming period, rather than a cooling period which would starve billions.

      But Mr Appell doesn't like global greening and reductios in heating demands a Modern Warm Period will bring and more economic resources for people to lead better lives and higher living standards. He apparently subscribes to the faith-based belief in man's hand on a mystical climate control knob with anthropogenic CO2 emissions, and wishing for the bad old days of the Thames freezing over. If he doesn't subscribe to that alarmist fairy tale, then it's simply because he supports the economic destruction of western capitalism and an imposition of world-wide socialism, in the pursuit of environmental totalitarianism.

    • R2Dtoo says:

      I’m surprised you had the balls to ask that question. Ever heard of the migration to the “sunbelt over the last 50 years? Ever heard of the millions of Canadian and American “snowbirds” who go south every winter to avoid winter. Ever wonder why the Caribbean is a winter mecca for western folks. Mexico? The Canary Islands? Didn’t think so.

      • R2Dtoo says:

        PS David: I live 200km NW of Winnipeg, and make some pretty good wine. Want to come and enjoy the next four months of global warming?

  9. cary Morris says:

    man there are a lot of haters out there. So have fun and don’t get to much sun while I am in the ice box in Wyoming.

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