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1980 : Carter Accused Reagan Of Being KKK And Starting WWIII

3 Sep 1980, Page 4 – at

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Hayhoe Climate Delusions

Katharine Hayhoe makes her living fear mongering about the climate of West Texas (and beyond.) But there isn’t the slightest indication that the climate in West Texas is changing.

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Trump on Global Warming : “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.”

Donald Trump: The real estate mogul has repeatedly written tweets skeptical of global warming. Trump has called global warming a “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.” He views policies created to fight global warming as hurting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness … Continue reading

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The Boulder Clean Power Plan

I attended a climate meeting yesterday at the University of Colorado. They said that most people are already highly traumatized by climate change, and that only 100 wind turbines could provide all of Boulders’ energy needs – which are currently … Continue reading

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Climate Visual Aids

I prepared these visual aids to help people understand mankind’s role in climate change. California drought : San Jose Mercury New File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Wikimedia Commons

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NASA : Celebrating 30 Years Of Mind Blowing Fraud And Incompetence

In 1988, NASA’s James Hansen and Colorado Senator Tim Wirth sabotaged the air conditioner in a Senate hearing room in order to prove global warming. And did you also alter the temperature in the hearing room that day? … What … Continue reading

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SCIENCE 1993 : US To Warm 10 Degrees By 2030

In 1993, sophisticated computer models predicted 8-10 degrees warming in the US by 2030. Google News Archive Search

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Understanding Climate Science In One Paragraph

Earth warmed from 1977 to 1991 after the PDO shift. There has been little or no net warming since, other than recovery from the Mt. Pinatubo cooling. Obama wanted his Paris CO2 deal, so he told NOAA to make the hiatus … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of February 1930

This date in 1930 brought 80 degree temperatures as far north as the New Jersey border, 70 degree weather to New York, and 60 degree weather to Massachusetts.

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US Hurricanes Down 33% Since The 19th Century

Street fishing in Miami in 1926. As CO2 has increased, the number of hurricanes hitting the US has plummeted. HURDAT Re-analysis During the late 19th century, the US averaged more than two hurricane strikes per year, but over the past decade … Continue reading

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