Plummeting Summer Temperatures In Wisconsin

Summer afternoon temperatures in Wisconsin have dropped about ten degrees since the 1930s.


The hottest days are also down about 10 degrees.


And the number of hot days has declined by 90%.


US government criminals of course claim the exact opposite is happening, because they are paid by the White House to lie about climate.


The Impact Of Climate Change On The Midwest: More Heat, More Droughts, More Floods, Fewer Crops | ThinkProgress

Iowa looks pretty hot on that map, and like Wisconsin the number of hot days has plummeted.


It is pretty safe to assume that anything the US government says about climate is the exact opposite of what is happening.

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8 Responses to Plummeting Summer Temperatures In Wisconsin

  1. etudiant says:

    Is it possible the much more extensive use of irrigation is impacting summer peak temperatures?
    One is struck when crossing the country by the huge circles of green created by center pivot irrigation. The volumes of water evaporated is large and the cooling effect would be most obvious in shaving the peak temperatures.

    • etudiant says:

      Excellent reference, thank you very much.

      • ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

        In the paper “Analysis of climate trends in North Carolina (1948 -1998)” (2003) by Ryan P. Boyles and Sethu Raman they mentioned that maximum temperatures had been consistent over the past 30 years but minimum temperatures were increasing. They referenced Easterling et al. (1997) and Dai et al. (1999) who suggested that this decrease in diurnal temperature range may be due to increased cloud cover and precipitation.
        I would be interested in other theories of why max temps have stayed steady or declined and min temps have increased.

        • ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

          I would recommend you read the paper.

          They used actual measured data, not adjusted data.

          No averages. They used Max’s and Min’s.

          They broke it down by season and by region.

          Good solid analysis. No politics. No BS.

          You don’t find that too often now days.

          I am tempted to get the station list and extend the analysis to current date.

          This one was legit.

  2. Most people who know anything about insulation of buildings to hold heat in also know that those buildings receive the added benefit of being insulated from heat of summer. Just to make it clear. Insulation is installed with the intent of blocking heat transfers from going out when it is colder outside and preventing the heat from coming in during times when it is hotter outside. The key is that insulation prevents that transfer of heat because its a poor conductor. Additionally, scientifically we don’t say the cold is transferred. Cold is the relative absence of heat.


  3. Brad says:

    Straight from the horses mouth. They have confirmed their altered data is correct. Oh brother.

  4. Doonhamer says:

    They have discovers the thermal “diode”.
    A surface that only lets heat travel one way through it.
    There must be thousands of uses for such a technology.

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