Arctic Sea Ice Area Is Increasing

Over the past ten years (since late March 2006) Arctic sea ice area has increased. Exact opposite of the story being pushed by government scientists.


These hacks known as government scientists are wrong year after year, so they tamper with data and double down on their fraud.




The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

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15 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Area Is Increasing

  1. Gary H says:

    Try telling that to Seth Borenstein at the AP, who put this out yesterday: “Arctic sea ice reaches new record low mark for wintertime.”–arctic-sea-ice-20160328-story.html

    I’d imagine that most every national media outlet is jumping on that bandwagon.

    I’d note that the LAT’s which had covered with glee the various fear mongering stories about the collapsing ice sheet in Antarctica, skipped NASA’s massive study and it’s findings a few months back which found that total ice volumn was increasing on the continent. Notes to the science writers and editors to make sure that they were aware, served no purpose – they will not be budged.

    • charles nelson says:

      I wonder how much attention to they’re giving to ‘the permanent drought’?

      • Earl says:

        Charles nelson- What permanent drought you referring to? FYI- Droughts are not permanent in the Earth’s climate history. Droughts come and go in various areas of the globe and are due to climate changes and geological features of those drought prone areas.

  2. Jack Striker says:

    Oops, your links all redirect back to this page.

  3. charles nelson says:

    Right now the Guardian is pushing a story about a cruise ship that will traverse the Northwest Passage this year…it’s not an ice breaker…so that should be fun to watch!

  4. Oops, your links all redirect back to this page.

  5. I’d imagine that most every national media outlet is jumping on that bandwagon..

  6. wert says:

    Steven, you have some multi-sock spammer collecting attention in this thread.

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