Bernie’s Socialist Dream

Socialism did wonders for Cuba, and Bernie wants to do the same for the US.

Havana today.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 01.51.19 PM

Havana before Castro.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 01.50.58 PM

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17 Responses to Bernie’s Socialist Dream

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    OMG. and castro thinks that is a great achievement, no really he does.

  2. snedly arkus says:

    If one did their research they would know that the US targets countries that have socialist governments. North Korea has been under US sanctions since the Korean war. Obama blamed North Korea for the Sony breach, which was proven to be an inside job, to pile more sanctions on them. Now recently they used the excuse of a rocket launch to put even more sanctions on them. The US has been trying to covertly knock off Venezuela since the early 2000’s when they backed a coup against Chavez. Recently they declared Venezuela to be a danger to US security, what a joke, to pile on drastic sanctions. Zimbabwe under sanctions since the early 2000’s for human rights abuses which may be true but if they were great friends of the US they could abuse to their hearts content and the US would look the other way. Last year they signed a deal with Russia to supply metals so Obama piled more sanctions on them. Cuba has been under US sanctions and embargo since the early 1960’s. All this does not prove socialism is not a failure but there is more to the story that is ignored. Also North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela had incompetent rulers that ran their countries into the ground.

    • B1111 says:

      “All this does not prove socialism is not a failure but there is more to the story that is ignored. Also North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela had incompetent rulers that ran their countries into the ground.”

      Same worn out excuse for the failures of true socialism…’those were incompetent rulers. If you had a good ruler it would work.”

      What freedom loving citizen thinks in terms of ‘rulers’ anyway? That’s the point, socialist don’t talk about freedom, they talk about the collective and ‘rulers’. How inspiring.

    • Manny says:

      As a person who had his family’s ranch, businesses, houses, etc. confiscated by the Castro brothers, I deeply appreciate this post. The wealth was accumulated by my grandfather who came to Cuba from Spain as a young man with only the clothes on his back. US sanctions have nothing to do with Cuba’s state of misery. Europe has been doing business in Cuba for decades. Nothing changes except that now Cuba has luxury hotels for tourists only. Snedly, there is not more to the story. Examples of this failed ideology of envy, hate and statism are everywhere. Don’t excuse the failure. Do some research into the stolen wealth of these rulers of the countries. It says it all.

    • Robert Austin says:

      Yes, blame the US sanctions for the state of Cuba’s economy. How facile and lame. Cuba has had the entire world sans the US to trade with since the “glorious” revolution. For years they were propped up by the Soviet Union until the Russians could no longer afford to support this basket case. The revolution took a thriving, if corrupt, country and destituted it for more than half a century. The embarrassing thing for me as a Canadian is that our shiny new PM seems to think that the sun shines out Fidel’s ass because his daddy was pals with Fidel. The Castro brothers and their cronies can’t die soon enough.

    • Diskussux says:

      Socialism is slavery. Only fools want their own slavery. All socialism comes down to a tiny group with all the guns ruling over everyone else.

      All people who advocate socialism make endless excuses for the failure of socialism to live up to the fantasy. All the excuses are bull shit.

      You are an idiot. Ask ANYONE who survived the Soviets what it was like, and they’ll tell you. But you won’t believe the truths they tell, oh no. And THAT is why you are an idiot.

      • Silv says:

        It reminds me of one episode of “The King of Queens.” Doug and Carrie hired some Ukranian contractors to rid their home of toxic mold. The workers were obnoxious and annoying, which the writers played up for comedy value.

        At one point, Arthur, Carrie’s father, made some kind of remark to the lead contractor about how great the Soviet Union was. The Ukranian was offended, and angrily tried to explain how terrible life under Communism was. Arthur ended up yelling at them, “You had a worker’s paradise! You blew it!”

        The contractors left and didn’t come back until… blah blah blah, sitcom stuff.

        It’s all fictional, of course, but it fits so well– the guy who never had to live under Soviet rule is telling the one who did how great it was in the Soviet Union.

      • DD More says:

        Quick lesson on difference between socialism and capitalism that most can quickly understand.
        Socialism – You wait at the store for the bread to be on the shelf.
        Capitalism – The bread waits on the shelf at the store for you .

        Socialists. Another way to spell “someone to stupid to spend his own money.”

    • Latitude says:

      All this does not prove socialism is not a failure…

      snedly, I noticed you did not give one example of socialism as a success

  3. J Graham says:

    Cuba trades freely with every other country on the earth. So your argument is simply wrong.

    The Castro Crime Family runs the ‘worker’s paradise’ like one big prison farm.

    Things are so bad, except for the ‘tourists only section’ that Fidel’s daughter lives in the EU.

  4. Aaron says:

    I vote that tax payers money pays for a one way ticket to Cuba for anyone who votes for Bernies socialism. That would be money well spent.

  5. rahlf43 says:

    Snedly, you type so much and and so well. Yes , we do target Socialist countries for economic sanctions because they give safe harbor and comfort to people who are our avowed enemies, it is only common sense.

    Now about proof that Socialism is not a failure , simply, who needs a wall to keep their citizens from leaving and who needs a wall to keep too many people of those walled countries from entering? Or , who has a free press and freedom of expression? Need I go on? Who has too many brands and types of toilet paper on their store shelves and who has lines of people hoping to buy sheets of toilet paper? Bread?

    In your last paragraph there a one glaring omission of “incompetent rulers who ran their countries into the ground”, Fidel Castro!

    My guess, you are under thirty, a product of our post secondary educational industry Or,
    over 70, and a product and still a follower of our countries last socialist fling, “the sixties”, Hippies, Yippies and Flower Power.

    • Latitude says:

      my guess is a product of common core….

      plenty examples of why it didn’t work….and not one example of it working

  6. Your Future says:

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the TRADE & TRAVEL EMBARGOS instituted after Castro took over, would it?

  7. Dan says:

    The Congressional Black Caucus goes down to Cuba every year to grovel at Castro’s feet. They are too dense to know that Castro and Che were sociopathic murderers of blacks on a huge scale.

    Look at the filth all over those buildings. What everyone owns, no one owns. Look up the
    “Tragedy of the Commons”. Human nature condemns Communism to the dustbin of history.

  8. Greg says:

    You can similar results comparing post-war Germany East vs. West-I remember going on a bus tour of East Berlin in 1988-how frikken depressing! AND how much the former East Germany has blossomed and regrown after the Wall came down.

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