Frequency Of Hot Days Plummeting Across The US

The frequency of 90 degree days has plummeted across most of the US since the 1930’s, yet NOAA insists that hot weather is on the rise here. This is one of their greatest climate frauds.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 05.19.44 AM

ITHACACORNELLUNIV_NY_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1920_2015 LINCOLN_VA_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1920_2015 SPENCER_WV_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1919_2015 BUCYRUS_OH_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1919_2015 CLINTON_MO_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1919_2015 CLINTON_MO_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 LEBANON2W_MO_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 HOBART2WNW_IN_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 SPARTA1W_IL_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 FONDDULAC_WI_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 WINNEBAGO_MN_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015 BELLEPLAINE_IA_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015ABERDEEN_SD_#DaysAboveMaximumTemperatureThreshold90F_Jan_Dec_1895_2015


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One Response to Frequency Of Hot Days Plummeting Across The US

  1. BobW in NC says:

    Amazing! Every chart – every single one – shows the 1930s decade as being the warmest on record, then temps drop. Surface temp data strongly suggest a continuing trend down – not good for us. Moreover, sun cycle 25 is being thought of as having sunspots in the range of the Maunder minimum, that occurred during the little Ice Age. Again, not a good harbinger.

    And yet, NOAA and others insist that we’re undergoing AGW? No way.

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