Rivers Of Blood

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'”

  • Enoch Powell, 1968

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  1. Timo Soren says:

    Again, the left will say not to worry.

    • Gail Combs says:


      Berlin Terrorist Left Tunisia on Terror Mission Following President Obama [2009] Cairo Speech

      “…years ago Zurich Mike coined the phrase: “Obama killed the Mid-East Zookeepers, unlocked the big cat cages, and just walked away” …”

      He is talking of a 2009 Obama speech in Cairo…

      …The coded messaging within the June 2009 speech in Cairo was a message to the Middle East that America would no longer protect the various dictators, and it was safe to attack them. The Obama administration would accept their replacements, regardless of how they assumed power. The message (speech here) was transparently obvious to those who understood the ramifications….

      I think Sundance is referring to these passages in the speech. (It is a LONG speech.)

      …I have made it clear to the Iraqi people that we pursue no bases, and no claim on their territory or resources. Iraq’s sovereignty is its own. And that’s why I ordered the removal of our combat brigades by next August. That is why we will honor our agreement with Iraq’s democratically elected government to remove combat troops from Iraqi cities by July, and to remove all of our troops from Iraq by 2012. (Applause.) We will help Iraq train its security forces and develop its economy. But we will support a secure and united Iraq as a partner, and never as a patron…

      So America will defend itself, respectful of the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law….

      [About Israel]
      …So let there be no doubt: The situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own. (Applause.)….

      The third source of tension is our shared interest in the rights and responsibilities of nations on nuclear weapons….

      I understand those who protest that some countries have weapons that others do not. No single nation should pick and choose which nation holds nuclear weapons. And that’s why I strongly reaffirmed America’s commitment to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons. (Applause.) And any nation — including Iran — should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty….

      The fourth issue that I will address is democracy. (Applause.)
      I know — I know there has been controversy about the promotion of democracy in recent years, and much of this controversy is connected to the war in Iraq. So let me be clear: No system of government can or should be imposed by one nation by any other….

      Each nation gives life to this principle in its own way, grounded in the traditions of its own people. America does not presume to know what is best for everyone, just as we would not presume to pick the outcome of a peaceful election….

      America respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them. And we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments — provided they govern with respect for all their people.

      This last point is important because there are some who advocate for democracy only when they’re out of power; once in power, they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others. (Applause.)….

      And the attack on the Berlin Christmas Market?

      ….Do the math within the timeline provided in this story and you will find the substance for the headline. Since the 2009 Obama speech in Cairo we have discussed the consequences against the backdrop of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and the larger mid-east….

      (Via Daily Mail)
      The Tunisian terror suspect wanted in connection with the Berlin Christmas market atrocity spent four years in an Italian jail before moving to Germany, his father revealed today.

      Anis Amri settled in Italy after leaving his hometown of Tataouine, *Tunisia seven years ago to travel to Europe as an illegal immigrant, his father claimed in a radio interview. [*note, he would have been 17-years-old]

      Amri, who has a €100,000 reward on his head, spent *four years in an Italian jail after burning down a school before leaving the country for Germany last year. [*note, the terrorist would have been 20-years-old at the time].

      Since then German authorities have allowed the 24-year-old to slip through their clutches time after time despite him being an SIS supporter known to have received weapons training.

      He had been under covert for much of the time since his arrival in Germany last year.

      Security forces exchanged information as recently as last month that allegedly tied Amri to Islamic extremists, Fox News reported….

      Remember that Fabian Tony Blair was there on a ‘mission’ from the UN and JP Morgan and so was the FABIAN SOCIETY PHAMPHLET, From Dictator to Democracy that was spotted in EGYPT by journalists and suggested as a catalyst for the Arab Spring.

      Ben Ali (Tunisia), Abdullah Salah (Yemen), Muamar Gaddaffi (Libya), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt). The Arab Spring Targets from Obama’s Cairo Speech.

  2. Rud Istvan says:

    And now a truck driven by a a Muslim ISIS ‘soldier’ who shot dead the Polish driver to hijack it killed 12 and injured 42?, 12? seriously, at a Berlin KrisKindlMarkt (Christmas children’s market), a wonderful German tradition. I have enjoyed many in Munich, and took a business colleague to one in Stuttgart a few years ago.
    And we just learned today that last month ISIS posted links on Facebook and Twitter to its Propaganda site Rumiyah, where it extolled the use of motor vehicles to crush and maim the ‘kuffar’, praising the similar Bastille Day event in Nice that killed 82 innocents. Facebook’s reply was well, we try. Not good enough. They are policy wise now officially shutting down ‘fake news’ including skeptical climate stuff, while allowing ISIS to radicalize Muslims world wide. California, Orlando, Nice, Berlin.

    Some of us deplorables find that deplorable. So elected Trump who promised to fix it, to the horror of the PC SJW idiots and snowflakes. Merkel is toast because of this Christmas week terrorist attack in Berlin. Facebook will be.

    • gator69 says:

      Some of my fondest memories of Germnay were the Christkindlmarkts. Stuttgart, Nuremburg, Munich, and across the border in Salzburg. Christmas in Germany was a magical time, and I fear that time has past.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Same with me, gator.

      • RAH says:

        Have faith gator. The Germans have stout hearts. You know that. I too loved Christmas time in Germany. Our tree has many ornaments on it that were bought when we lived in the wonderland of Bavaria.

        Hitler couldn’t destroy Christmas and knew it. The terrible conditions he brought the people even in the winter of 44-45 did not destroy it either. The DDR could not end it in the east even though they had over 40 years to try. Merkel/EU and their Muslim “refugees” won’t end it or change it in the longer term.

        • gator69 says:

          I have faith, but many others are losing it, while Islamofascism grows…

          The closing of Europe’s churches reflects the rapid weakening of the faith in Europe, a phenomenon that is painful to both worshipers and others who see religion as a unifying factor in a disparate society.

          “In these little towns, you have a cafe, a church and a few houses—and that is the village,” says Lilian Grootswagers, an activist who fought to save the church in her Dutch town. “If the church is abandoned, we will have a huge change in our country.”

          Trends for other religions in Europe haven’t matched those for Christianity. Orthodox Judaism, which is predominant in Europe, has held relatively steady. Islam, meanwhile, has grown amid immigration from Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East.


          I’m glad I lived in Europe, while it was still European.

        • Dave1billion says:

          RAH, being a truck driver, are you concerned at all that someone could try to hijack your rig to try an attack like the Berlin one?

          My brother in law drives short distance (8-hour round trips) hazardous loads and I’ve warned him to keep his eye open.

          I know that the odds are much higher that a driver would be in a fatal accident, but I know I’d be a little paranoid.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    This Week

    2016.12.19 (Germany)
    A dozen patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a Christmas market outside a church.

    2016.12.19 (Turkey)
    The Russian ambassador to Turkey is assassinated by a man shouting Islamic slogans.
    (Second diplomat killed in Moscow)
    Shots fired outside US Embassy

    2016.12.18 (Jordan)
    A Canadian tourist is among ten people murdered by Islamic gunmen.

    2016.12.18 (Yemen)
    A second suicide blast in as many weeks targets off-duty soldiers lining up for pay, leaving fifty dead.

    2016.12.17 (Afghanistan)
    Terrorists murder five female airport workers and their driver.

    2016.12.16 (Syria)
    Jihadis strap bombs to an 7-year-old girl and send her into a police station.

    CNN Uses Berlin Attack to Bash Critics of Mass Migration…— They really have gone completely off the rails

    Bishop Blames Islamic Terror on ‘Vulgarity’ and Language…

    More here: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  4. Gail Combs says:

    It is not just Unbelievers that islam seeks to destroy but our entire culture.

    It has been claimed by many that the final destruction of greatest library of the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria, was by the Muslim conquest of Alexandria in 641 AD. The legend goes that when asked what to do with the library after the capture of Alexandria, Caliph Umar (advisor to and father-in-law of The Prophet Muhammad) replied: “If the books are in accordance with the book of Allah, we may do without them, for the book of Allah more than suffices. If they are not in accordance, then there is no need to preserve them.”

    Within the last decade or so:
    During the rebellion in the Islamic tyranny of the Maldives in Feb 2012, a mob of Islamic fascists invaded the National Museum.
    They destroyed forever these ancient coral stone Buddhist statues on Tue 7 Feb 2012.
    About 35 exhibits – mostly images of Buddha and Hindu gods – were destroyed.
    Some of the artifacts dated to the 6th century AD. The Thoddoo head (c.600 AD) was destroyed.

    99 percent of the Maldives’ pre-Islamic artifacts (pre-12th century) were destroyed.

    Somali Islamists destroy old graves, shrines and churches.

    Muslim Azerbaijan destroys ancient Christian sites.

    The Taliban systematically destroyed every book and artwork in Afghanistan that they deemed “un-Islamic”, including all books with pictures, and all statues in the country. The Northern Alliance also burned thousands of books in the Kabul Public Library.

    Islamist fanatics burnt the Al-Saeh library in Tripoli Lebanon in Jan 2014.

    Hamas in Mar 2013 destroyed part of the ancient harbour of Anthedon in Gaza in order to build a terrorist training camp.

    Saudi Arabia has destroyed most of old Mecca and has destroyed many other sites in the country.

    Mali jihad destroyed much of Timbuktu’s ancient heritage in 2012-13. The main library of Timbuktu, containing thousands of medieval manuscripts, was set on fire by the Islamists in Jan 2013

    ISIS jihadi fighters in Syria destroying a 3,000 year-old Assyrian statue, May 2014.

    Iraqis burnt their own National Library and looted their own National Museum on liberation in 2003.

    The list goes on and on but you will not find it in any Progressive Propaganda rag.

    The Chinese regime is currently destroying the ancient city of Kashgar. link

    From The burning of libraries with a little language clean-up

    • You may have explained to me why academic archaeologists have been in such a glum mood this year. I knew they disliked Brexit, I knew they hated the austerity caused by the previous labour administration, but now I see the academics with their “multicultural” ethos, must be finding it almost unbearable to try to square their absolute belief in multiculturalism with the bare fact that these other cultures are destroying so much valuable archaeology.

    • Douglas Hoyt says:

      Some Moslems nowadays want to make Mohammed the First Man. In order to do this their objective is to destroy all evidence of the existence of man before the birth of Mohammed. Thus, for example, they want to dismantle the pyramids in Egypt. Should they ever succeed, all books except the Koran will be destroyed.

      Just after Mohammed had his dream where he said he visited Heaven, he claimed to have received the commands of God and they were: “No plurality of Gods, no deceit towards man, no treachery, no robbery, and no killing of men.” This quote comes from The Arabian Prophet, A Life of Mohammed from Chinese and Arabic Sources, a Chinese- Moslem Work by Chai-Lien Liu.

      The modern version of Islam differs markedly from its initial premises. So how did Islam get distorted into its present form? I have a theory. Mohammed’s Heaven dream took place in Mecca around 621-622 AD. Just before the dream Mohammed first married Sauda, a poor but beautiful woman. From the above book, we learn “Abu Bekr was rich: he had a daughter named Ayesha who was at that time six years of age, and whom he wished to offer to the Mohammed as a future wife; and when he saw that Mohammed had taken the very poor Sauda, he was much troubled.” In short, Abu Bekr felt betrayed by Mohammed, but Mohammed did in the end marry Ayesha.

      Now move ahead to 629 AD when Mohammed was in Medina. In that year a woman who had been enslaved by Mohammed poisoned him and injured him so that there was pain in his intestines. But in time, the pain passed away.

      Now move to 632 AD, when the same pains from the 629 AD poisoning attempt returned. It is my contention that someone else was poisoning Mohammed again, but instead of one large dose, they were doing it in many small doses. It was very likely Abu Bekr who was behind the poisoning because one day when Abu Bekr was in the mosque, Mohammed entered and Abu Bekr was very startled. It was because after many small poisonings and the long decline in Mohammed’s health, he was surprised to see him alive, let alone walking about. It was probably Ayesha, Abu Bekr’s daughter, who was administering the poison.

      Abu Bekr had several motivations to get rid of Mohammed. First, revenge for earlier rejection of Ayesha. Secondly, and more importantly, he could then lead the religion and acquire its wealth. Indeed after Mohammed’s death, he became leader of Sunni faction of the church. Later Ayesha would be in charge.

      In 648 AD, there was a major Sunni-Shia battle in which many of Mohammed’s contemporaries were killed. People said that the memory of Mohammed was being lost. At this point, people wrote down what they remembered of Mohammed, put these together, and created the Koran. The Koran is a much distorted view of Mohammed and the blood-thirsty parts of it probably reflect Abu Bekr’s viewpoints.

      • Bytor says:

        I was with you until:

        “The Koran is a much distorted view of Mohammed and the blood-thirsty parts of it probably reflect Abu Bekr’s viewpoints.”

        The problem I have is, the “blood-thirsty” parts are well documented throughout history. I don’t believe these were simply Abu Bekr’s “viewpoints”.

        Material at Bill Warner’s site can confirm.

        • Douglas Hoyt says:

          Perhaps it would be better if I added the sentence “The Moslem religion is really a creation by Abu Bekr and not that as originally proposed by Mohammed.”

        • Neal S says:

          There is little doubt that Mohammed was himself bloody and brutal and vile and a pedophile. It is not as if he were some saint whose memory is later besmirched by Abu Bekr. While some details of what Mohammed taught may vary from what was recorded, the net result is the same.

          And regardless of what Mohammed was or wasn’t, if today’s followers are doing atrocities in his name and are directly opposed to many fundamental tenets of the US constitution, they should not be allowed to either overtly or covertly overthrow the US form of government. They are treasonous in this respect.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Found what I was looking for earlier:

          Two to three thousand years ago the earth was warmer and North Africa was green and NOT a desert.

          Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968. Dr. Warner’s training in scientific theory and mathematics shaped how he analyzed Islamic doctrine.

          Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

          Of interest is Dr Warner’s information that before the birth of Christ North Africa was GREEN and farmed. It was a part of the Roman empire with roads lined with olive trees and farms. The crafty Romans leased the olive trees and the leasee was obligated to keep the roads in repair. A net revenue stream for the government.

      • Gator69 says:

        Mohammed had no political or military power until after he made his move to Medina. “Allah” then changed his mind about cohabitating peacefully with infidels. The Koran is not written in chronological order, but from shortest to longest verse.

        My understanding of the relationship between Mohammed, Aisha and Abu Bekr is that Bekr was horrified that Mohammad wanted to marry his little girl, and that Mohammed kept working on him until he agreed to the union.

        Mohammed is said to have personally cut the heads off of captured Jews. He was an evil man.

        • Douglas Hoyt says:

          The point I am making is that is likely that Abu Bekr poisoned Mohammed and afterwards was in control of the narrative about Mohammed. He could then make up stories about Mohammed doing bloodthirsty things in order to justify his own bloodthirsty actions. The Koran came 16 years after Mohammed’s death. The first biography of Mohammed came more than 50 years after his death. Lots of time for an Arabian Nights version of Mohammed to be concocted.

          • Neal S says:

            And you don’t think there were enough people left around that knew the truth about the ‘not so bad’ Mohammed to set the record straight?? It doesn’t pass the sniff test.

            But as I’ve said before, none of that matters now. Look at what the followers are doing RIGHT NOW. Look at what they have been doing for centuries. Look what they intend to do in the future.

            No amount of whitewashing of Mohammed is going to help any past, current, or future victims of Islam.

          • Douglas Hoyt says:

            To Neal S.

            True about what you say about RIGHT NOW. I just trying to get a critical look at the origins of Islam. It would better if the followers of Islam took a critical look at their history or fictional history. Probably won’t happen, because critical and independent thinking is pretty much abolished within Islam.

          • Gator69 says:

            I took the time to study Mohammad and the Koran after 9/11. I had always considered Islam to be one of the “great religions” and was shocked at what I discovered. Mohammad was a bloodthirsty warlord, whose only concern was consolidating power and destroying all who opposed him. This is not revisionist history, it is Mohammad’s legacy.

            Of course there are plenty of apologists for Islam, ranging from anti-Christian leftist atheists to fundamental practitioners of Islam.

          • Douglas Hoyt says:

            One very strange thing about Mohammed is how he behaved peacefully in Mecca before 622 AD and then behaved in a most cruel and bloodthirsty manner in Medina after 622 AD. It is like he had two completely different personalities or was two different persons. Maybe the originally Mohammed was killed in 622 AD and someone who looked just like him took his place. Or perhaps the whole history of Mohammed that we accept now is purely fictional.

          • Neal S says:

            Simple explanation. He was outnumbered at first and so acted peacefully. Once he was no longer outnumbered, his true colors could be shown.

            And it has been like that for Islam ever since. When they come in and are outnumbered, they act very nice and peaceful-like, but as soon as they get enough people, they become very militant.

          • Neal S says:

            Here is a book recommendation ….

            “What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur’an” by William J. Federer


            and I found a free online version that might encourage you to buy the book as I did


            And here is a link to a Gail Combs post

            I’ve not watched those videos as I am much more likely to read than to watch anything ….

          • gator69 says:

            One very strange thing about Mohammed is how he behaved peacefully in Mecca before 622 AD and then behaved in a most cruel and bloodthirsty manner in Medina after 622 AD. It is like he had two completely different personalities or was two different persons.

            I explained this above, if you had been paying attention. Glad you have read some of the same material I have read, there is more out there, and I recommend knowing Islam in and out. I discovered the truth about Muhammad over a decade ago, and love to tell the story. ;)

  5. GW says:

    I’ve often said, if I could travel back in time, preventing/stopping the destruction of the library of Alexandria would be my first destination. I had no idea, however, that it was connected to the Muslim plague of the era. A very close second would be to prevent/stop the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I would stop Mohammed.
      Prior to Islam the Sahara had farms. The farmers were killed and the goat and sheep herds wiped out the grass. The loam ended up in the sea.

      I think that was from Dr. Bill Warner


      • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

        You COULD stop Mohammed if there really existed such a vile paedophilic sociopath. Sure he wasn’t just a figment of the imagination to obtain control over people, as all religions are?

        • Gail Combs says:

          I figure he is as real as Joseph Smith who lived in Palmyra, NY just down the street from where I grew up.

        • Gator69 says:

          Not all “religions” are designed to “control” people, in fact Christianity and Judaism say that God gave us free will, and their doctrines were used as the basis of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          Men are the controllers, not religion.

          • Gail Combs says:

            GEE, Gator, I was just defending Christianity over at E.M.’s …
            “Christianity with it’s Man made in the image of God, gave rise to Renaissance, the Enlightenment and finally the Declaration of Independence. It also give us a moral code useful for a civilized society.”

            You do not have to be a Christian to appreciate what Christianity has done for mankind. Hubby is an Atheist for Christ (No he is not a member but we very much do support Christianity.)

            Even Stefan Molyneaux, an atheist, has come to realize that we NEED Christianity because of its moral and ethical codes.

            The last bit from the Atheists for Christ blog says this:

            Atheism neither refutes Christianity nor has any bearing on the validity of Christian morality and Western culture. Atheists, therefore, if they are as rational as they claim, must chose between the death of the West through the trashing of the Western culture, or the survival of the West, its people and traditional culture, through restoration of its Christian ethical tradition.

            As Nikolay Nikolayevich remarked in Boris Pasternak’s great novel Doctor Zhivago:

            “What you don’t understand is that it is possible to be an atheist, it is possible not to know if God exists or why he should, and yet believe that man does not live in a state of nature but in history, and that history as we know it began with Christ, it was founded by Him on the Gospels.”

            It is interesting to note, that although my in-laws were both atheists they insisted that all three of their boys went to Church.

          • gator69 says:

            Gail, I hope that you know that you are my favorite give ’em Heller fan. ;)

          • Gail Combs says:

            Thanks Gator.
            I figure we make a great team.

    • Robertv says:

      Progressives would stop humanity. That’s the difference.

  6. The majority of Mooslims are peaceful and don’t want to take over the world. Well, they don’t want to do it themselves anyway…..they get ISIS to do it for them.

  7. Steve Case says:

    President Elect Trump said he has a plan but wisely declined to say what it is. I suspect that Islam isn’t going to much like it.

    • Bytor says:

      I sure am hoping you’re right. The world is probably grateful that I am not President. I would be flattening Islam wherever I found it. Islam is not compatible with the survival of the human species.

  8. Gail Combs says:

    Best comment I have seen on the internet today.

    Putin may be having Turkey for Christmas. —mopar2016

  9. Steven Parker says:

    Mark Steyn is a prophet:

    He said this on Saturday:

    Over the summer, I met a lady from southern Germany who had found herself on the receiving end of some vibrant multicultural outreach from one of Mutti Merkel’s boy charmers. As a result, she no longer goes out after dark. She had also decided – with reluctance, because she enjoyed it – to cancel her participation in a local Christmas market, where she’d sung carols every year – in broad daylight.

    “Why would you do that?” I asked.

    “Because it’s Christmas,” she said, “and I’m worried Christmas will be a target.”

    And further in the post:

    Christmas markets are a grand German tradition, but probably not for much longer.

  10. Gail Combs says:

    Bull Durham says:
    December 20, 2016 at 12:06 am

    A little news from my contact in Crimea regarding the Ukie attacks the day before yesterday in the Debaltsevo area of Donbass. The Ukies took enormous losses. Hospitals in their cities of Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and even all the way north to Kiev are filled with serious wounded. Most of the nearby city hospitals are packed with wounded. They may have one hundred “200s” (as they call KIA), and two hundred “300s” as they call their wounded in action. They began a fierce artillery and mortar attack and then advanced into a buzz saw.

    From what I get on the readiness of the Donbass Army, they are trained up to the efficiency of any Russian force level proficiency.

    It’s been 22 months since the last disaster for Ukraine. The militia is now an Army. And they are filled with rage and desire to be unleashed by Moscow. Putin will not do that. So the loss of nearly 400 more civilians and 450 wounded during this past year of “ceasefire” has fed the reaction when they do return fire.

    Two days ago they unleashed on the stupid Ukies. It’s winter, snow on the ground, freezing temperatures and the Russian-speaking Donbass Army fights like its June. Amazing people. They are a military people, the Russians. That is why they were able to conquer the East Aleppo sectors held for four years, in just a few months, three two-week increments with pauses to allow terrorist fighters to surrender and be amnestied home or move out to Idlib if they want to go and fight later there. But Aleppo is taken back. 80,000 freed. Tremendous victory. Covered in lies by the Western propaganda machine.

    And 40 tons of Christmas toys are coming donated from Russian people all over for the children of Syria.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      American-born MMA fighter Jeff “Destroy Authority” Monson just got a passport from the Luhansk People’s Republic, the breakaway Russian separatist region in eastern Ukraine supported by Putin’s Russia.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Here Monson talks about an ideal society modeled on Marxist-Leninist Soviet Communism.

        He also says he has the Russian soul and he loves Russia since Soviet times.

        The Ukraine situation is complicated but American conservatives and libertarians who admire Russia, trust Putin and get their news from RT look as smart as Jeff Monson to me.

        I firmly believe that Trump and his team are not subject to this pro-Russian idiocy.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Remember that it was George Soros harboured here in the USA, NOT PUTIN, behind the ‘Color Revolution’ in the Ukraine, just as he is behind Black Lives Matters. Putin had the sense to kick Soros and his ‘Open Society’ out of Russia and put an international warrant out for his arrest. Here in the USA he gave millions to Hillary who mucked up the Middle East and he has been allowed to set US foreign policy through Hillary and others.

          Leaked Memo Proves Soros Ruled Ukraine In 2014: Minutes From “Breakfast With US Ambassador Pyatt”

          We noted in a previous post how important Ukraine was to George Soros, with documents from DC Leaks that show Soros, and his Open Society NGO, scouring the Greek media and political landscape to push the benefits of his Ukraine coup upon a Russian leaning Greek society.

          Now more documents, in the massive 2,500 leaked tranche, show the immense power and control Soros had over Ukraine immediately following the illegal Maidan government overthrow.

          Soros and his NGO executives held detailed and extensive meetings with just about every actor involved in the Maidan coup: from US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, to Ukraine’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Health, and Education.

          The only person missing was Victoria Nuland, though we are sure those meeting minutes are waiting to see the light of day.

          Plans to subvert and undermine Russian influence and cultural ties to Ukraine are a central focus of every conversation. US hard power, and EU soft power, is central towards bringing Ukraine into the neo-liberal model that Soros champions, while bringing Russia to its economic knees….

          This is ONE page out of ten:
          The following is a before and after list of 27 countries illustrating, country by country, the destabilizing effects of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State. This destabilization is all about Soros ‘Open Society’ and global government.

          Before Hillary: In 2009, more and more nations began recognizing the independence of this nation that broke away from Georgia and successfully repelled a U.S.-supported Georgian invasion in 2008.
          After Hillary: Clinton pressured Vanuatu and Tuvalu to break off diplomatic relations with Abkhazia in 2011. The State Department pressured the governments of India, Germany, and Spain to refuse to recognize the validity of Abkhazian passports and, in violation of the US-UN Treaty, refused to permit Abkhazian diplomats to visit UN headquarters in New York. The Clinton State Department also threatened San Marino, Belarus, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Somalia, Uzbekistan, and Peru with recriminations if they recognized Abkhazia. Georgia was connected to Clinton through the representation of Georgia in Washington the Podesta Group, headed by Tony Podesta, the brother of Mrs. Clinton’s close friend and current campaign chairman John Podesta.

          Before Hillary: Under President Nestor Kirchner and his wife Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina’s economy improved and the working class and students prospered.

          After Hillary: After former president Nestor Kirchner’s sudden death in 2010, the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires became a nexus for anti-Kirchner activities, including the fomenting of political and labor protests against the government. Meanwhile, Clinton pressed Argentina hard on its debt obligations to the IMF, also crippling the economy.

          Before Hillary: Bolivia’s progressive president Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous Aymara leader, provided government support to the country’s coca farmers and miners. Morales also committed his government to environmental protection. He kept his country out of the Free Trade Area of the Americas and helped start the Peoples’ Trade Agreement with
          Venezuela and Cuba.

          After Hillary: Clinton permitted the U.S. embassy in La Paz to stir up separatist revolts in four mostly European-descent Bolivian provinces, as well as foment labor strikes among miners and other workers in the same model used in Venezuela.

          Before Hillary: Brazil’s progressive presidents, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, ushered in a new era for the country, with workers’ and students; rights at forefront and environmental protection and economic development for the poor major priorities.

          After Hillary: Clinton’s authorization of massive electronic spying from US embassy in Brasilia and consulate general in Rio de Janeiro resulted in a “constitutional coup” against Rousseff and the Workers’ Party government, ushering in a right-wing, CIA-supported corrupt government.

          Central African Republic
          Before Hillary: Under President Francois Bozize, the CAR remained relatively calm under a peace agreement hammered out under the auspices of Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya.

          After Hillary: In 2012, Islamist terrorists of the Seleka movement and supported by Saudi Arabia conducted an uprising, massacring Christians and riving Bozize’s government from power. The CAR became a failed state under Clinton’s State Department.

          Before Hillary: Ecuador began sharing its oil wealth with the people and the economy and the plight of the nation’s poor improved.

          After Hillary: Clinton authorized a 2010 National Police coup against President Rafael Correa. The economy soon plunged as labor disputes wracked the mining and oil sectors.

          Before Hillary: Under Hosni Mubarak, Egypt was a stable secular nation that suppressed jihadist politics in the mosques. The jihadist-oriented Muslim Brotherhood was kept at bay.

          After Hillary: After Clinton’s 2011 “Arab Spring” and the toppling of Mubarak, Egypt saw Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood elected president. Immediately, the secular country began a process of Islamization with Christian Copts experiencing repression and violence, including massacres. Morsi’s rule resulted in a military coup, thus ending Egypt’s previous moves toward democracy. link

        • Gail Combs says:

          George Soros and his ‘Open Society’

          From the website:
          George Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society—a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries….
          The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies…
          The Open Society Foundations, which began in 1979, remain today committed to the global struggle for open society…
          The Open Society Foundations fund a range of programs around the world…
          Over the last three decades, the Open Society Foundations had expenditures of more than $13 billion. Much of this spending has been directed at specific priority issues and regions…

          Soros promotes “Civil society” link, an “aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens.” which leads us back to the United Nations.

          From the United Nations website link.

          Civil Society

          Civil society is the “third sector” of society, along with government and business. It comprises civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations. The UN recognizes the importance of partnering with civil society, because it advances the Organization’s ideals, and helps support its work. Here are some useful websites for members of civil society and also for those interested in the work of the UN….

          And what about Soros?
          George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything’

          George Soros claims he is a god and “the creator of everything,” however the billionaire globalist also warns he is a “self-centred” god who believes “normal rules do not apply” to him.

          “I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.“

          When asked by Britain’s Independent newspaper to elaborate on that statement, Soros doubled down: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.“

          ….So what does Soros think about the nation he immigrated to from his native Hungary in 1956? Today’s U.S., he writes in his latest book, “The Bubble of American Supremacy,” is a “threat to the world.” We have become a “supremacist” nation.

          Despite his reputation as an international philanthropist, Soros occasionally becomes candid about his real nature. “I am sort of a deus ex machina,” Soros told the New York Times in 1994. “I am something unnatural. I’m very comfortable with my public persona because it is one I have created for myself. It represents what I like to be as distinct from what I really am. You know, in my personal capacity I’m not actually a selfless philanthropic person. I’m very much self-centered.”….

          Since I began to live it out. Those unfamiliar with Soros would probably dismiss that claim as nothing more the typical blathering of an irrelevant madman. But those who have followed his career and sociopolitical endeavors realize that while he may be mad, he is a mad billionaire, and billionaires tend not to be irrelevant.

          Especially not mad billionaires with self-centred agendas who believe that normal rules don’t apply to themselves.

          Soros has learnt that with enormous reserves of unethically earnt money at his disposal he has the power to make the once unthinkable acceptable. His work as a self-professed “amoral” financial speculator has left millions in poverty when their national currencies were devaluated, and he channelled so much cash into moulding former Soviet republics to his liking that he has bragged that the former Soviet empire is now the “Soros Empire.”….

          Given a choice between Hillary and George Soros vs Putin, I will take Putin thank you. At least he is not completely crazy.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            True, I don’t think he is crazy at all—just coldly calculating and exploiting any weakness his adversaries show—but I’m saying that it’s creating a false choice to say “between Hillary and George Soros vs Putin, I will take Putin”.

            A Russian once quipped to me that “you can take the boy out of the KGB but you can’t take the KGB out of the boy“. Besides, nobody I know with the knowledge of post-Soviet Russia thinks that the KGB really went away. It was just reorganized and refocused. A shrewd and ruthless boss can control the mafia but he can’t leave even if he wanted, and of course, why would he do that in the first place if his power depends on it? The useful idiots in the West didn’t suddenly get any smarter when the Soviet Bloc disintegrated and Russian secret services are masters of using them just like the KGB did before.

            Putin is also inseparable from Russia and he drives hard for traditional Russian interests that had been imperialist for many centuries, long predating the Soviet era. Speaking to ordinary Russians, you would discover a widespread belief that Russia has the right to control and rule non-Russian nations and territories in its Eurasian sphere of interest. The nostalgia for the good old Soviet days is real.

            So, concerning the hypothetical choices you mentioned:

            Hitler and Stalin jointly started the hot phase of WWII by attacking Poland but we still had very good reasons to support Stalin after Hitler turned against him. The Germans were at the time a bigger strategic threat and they controlled continental Europe. It was also rational to turn against Stalin once the Germans were defeated. This analogy is far from perfect but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

            Soros and his allies are a global threat and anybody turning against them furthers the interests of freedom-loving people but Putin is not a friend of liberty.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Gail, I should probably add after everything I said above—worth every penny you paid for it—that Putin is just a strongman in a weak position. The Russian economy is not good and not getting better. His immediate neighbors are right to worry but his reach is limited by his lack of money.

            Obama has been pivoting back and forth like a high school girl when the boys are passing through the gym, and pivoting to Asia again without any recognizable benefit to America but I sense that Trump is paying serious attention to China, as I think he should.

            In many ways, Russia behaves much the way it always did, no surprises there. It’s China that’s ascendant and much more formidable. After the Obama-Clinton-Kerry disasters abroad I hope the new administration will put our foreign policy on a rational platform.

          • Gail Combs says:

            I agree that China is the real danger. After a century of humiliation they want their ounce of flesh and the *&%@# Clinton’s sold them our military and industrial technology along with our economy giving them the military might to expand.

            Russia I do not think, is, at this time, interested in expansion. Putin would be well aware of all the headaches that came with the extended Soviet Union. However he is not about to let the EU expand into his sphere of influence and that was what the fiasco in the Ukraine was all about.

            I think that Putin and Trump can negotiate decent deals. Putin is not going to be happy about an awakening Chinese Dragon any more than we are and he certainly wants the islamist threat contained.

  11. Analitik says:

    From Pierre Goselin’s NoTricksZone site:

    Germany’s sense of freedom and security have been violated. Citizen’s have had to change their habits and attitudes with respect to public safety. Citizens, especially women, no longer feel safe outside after dark and are opting to stay home. And those that wish to continue on as before now must summon up the courage to do so, knowing full well that public places and events are now targets.

    There is a link to an article from the UK’s The Sun listing a many attacks in Germany this year.
    Horrible Irony …Merkel Recently Said Germany Needed Immigrants: “Everywhere Truck Drivers Are Being Sought” – http://notrickszone.com/2016/12/20/horrible-irony-merkel-recently-said-germany-needed-immigrants-everywhere-truck-drivers-are-being-sought/

    • Robertv says:

      If I wanted to create a Police State Europe how would I do it? Of course the people have to voluntarily give away their rights. Any suggestions?

      Remember that all politicians currently in power in Europe are on the Global Warming bandwagon. Therefore we can presume that they are not working in the interest of their population but are puppets of Big Brother.

    • Robertv says:

      To conquer America large number of immigrants were needed.

  12. charles nelson says:

    Look, I’m generally a fan of yours…and the reason is that you are so good with the data…particularly the way it is distorted for political gains.

    So can I put it like this. The death toll from ‘Terrorism’ in Germany this year is the equivalent of a rough weekend in Chicago.

    Now that doesn’t make it acceptable, I’m not apologising for anyone or defending anyone. Innocent people should never be harmed.

    I’m just saying, couldn’t you be as rational and analytical with these numbers as you are with the climate numbers?

  13. Robertv says:

    Berlin terror attack: Police hunt for Tunisian man after finding identity document in truck


    Why terrorists always lose their documents.

  14. TA says:

    Merkel’s emotional approach to life has brought devastation to Europe.

    I was stationed in Germany during my Army days, and loved the place. It’s hard to watch what is going on there now. If it were up to me, all the immigrants would be sent packing. They are nothing but trouble. I’m sure there are very many who are decent people but how can we tell the difference right now? Why should we take the chance?

    The nations being affected by this tragedy should get together and create a safe space in the Middle East for all these Mulsim refugees, and should relocate their immigrants to this area. The EU and the U.S. have enough military power and influence to get this done if they really want to do so. Mixing Muslim culture and Western culture is not going to work. Let each have their own cultures in separate places.

  15. GW Smith says:

    Political Correctness is designed to kill us.

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