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Global Climate Lying Has Increased Much More Than Political Average

The latest scam is claiming that Antarctica is warming very fast. Global Warming: Antarctica Has Warmed Much More Than Earth Average : Science : iTech Post Even top climate fraudster Gavin Schmidt knows that Antarctica is not warming. Pubs.GISS: Abstract … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Celebrating 115 Years Of Debunked Junk Science

In 1901, Knut Angstrom showed that Arrhenius didn’t know what he was talking about with his global warming theories. CO2 absorption is already nearly saturated, so additional increases in CO2 have little effect. Arrhenius also ignored H2O in his calculations, … Continue reading

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Peter Hannam – Australia’s Top Fake Climate News Journalist

Peter Hannam recently wrote one of the worst fake climate news articles ever for the Canberra Times about the Arctic, and is now doing a repeat for SMH at both poles. His first major mistake is claiming low November Arctic sea ice … Continue reading

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