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The True Climate Deniers

Like Holocaust deniers, a climate denier is someone who tries to erase climate history. Average Arctic temperature in Svalbard ‘could end up above freezing for first time in history’ | The Independent Svalbard was just as warm or warmer 60 … Continue reading

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Podcast With James Delingpole

James and Daisy with an interested onlooker Last week I had a wonderful visit with James Delingpole in the English countryside. We discussed climate for an hour in this podcast. Well worth your time to listen. Subject matter and audio … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Green Energy

Desperate at their certain fate under a Trump administration, the usual band of government global warming fraudsters have ramped up their lies to a fever pitch. Particularly about the record Arctic heat and the Arctic melting in November. Apparently Gaia has had … Continue reading

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