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How To Create Global Warming Fraud At NASA

In 1975, all climatologists understood that there was tremendous warming prior to 1940, and a large amount of cooling after 1940. https://www.sciencenews.org/sites/default/files/8983 This pre-1940 warming and post-1940 cooling didn’t suit the political needs of NASA under Barack Obama, so they erased … Continue reading

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Desperate Sea Level Fraud From Desperate Recipients Of Climate Scam Money

Experts tell us that Manhattan will be underwater soon. NASA’s top climate expert says Lower Manhattan is already underwater. Stormy weather – Salon.com Sea level at Manhattan has been rising at a steady rate for 150 years, due almost entirely … Continue reading

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NPR : Fake But Not Accurate

NPR found some college kid to be their latest expert on global warming, who said the North Pole is hot due to missing Arctic sea ice, and temperatures would approach 32F. North Pole Temperatures Expected To Rise 50 Degrees Above … Continue reading

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Terrifying Sea Level Rise At Sydney

Pre-1885 2016

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