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As Predicted, The Next Global Warming Scam Has Arrived

James Delingpole, Marc Morano and myself predicted last week that the New York Times and other climate scamsters would start their polar vortex scam this week. They delivered right on schedule.

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More Obama Accomplishments

Before leaving office, President Obama will reach $20 trillion in debt. 30,000 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11/2001, and 4,200 Democrats shooting each other in Chicago this year.

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A True Life David Vs. Goliath Story

Myron Ebell and Senator Malcolm Roberts have broken down previously impenetrable barriers erected by the climate mafia, and forced them to talk. They aren’t talking honestly, and they certainly aren’t engaging in debate, but they are talking. One Nation senator joins … Continue reading

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Sugar Loaf Mountain, MD

My favorite bike ride/hike is up Sugar Loaf Mountain, Maryland – which I did on Tuesday a few hours before I missed my plane flight out of DC.

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Obama Using Fraudulent Reports From Government Agencies To Undermine President Trump

Rex Tillerson’s State of Denial – The New Yorker NOAA claims Greenland is losing ice, and snow cover is shrinking. As is normally the case with claims from the Obama administration, the exact opposite is true. The most recent data … Continue reading

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73 Degrees Of Cooling In Fort Collins

The forecast afternoon temperature for Fort Collins this Saturday is 1F (-17C)  This is 73 degrees cooler than 1980, and eight degrees colder than the previous record coldest December 17 afternoon. Experts tell us Arctic air is super hot and … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Arctic Temperature Fraud From NOAA/NASA

Gavin Schmidt told the Canberra Times that NASA/GISS had not removed the Arctic warmth of the 1940’s “The claim that GISS has ‘removed the 1940s warmth’ in the Arctic is not correct.” NASA chief slaps down climate sceptic senator Malcolm Roberts: … Continue reading

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Trump’s Election Causing Record Meltdown Of Climate Fraudsters

Climate experts and journalists say the -30C Arctic is record hot, melting massively and will cause an economic disaster. They say the Arctic melt season is getting longer. The actual Arctic has gained a record amount of glacial ice this … Continue reading

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Worried About The Arctic? Move To The United States

Progressives are very worried about the Arctic melting at -30C. Scary isn’t it? My flight from DC to Denver yesterday went up to the Great Lakes to avoid the polar jet currently over the central US.  Progressives who want to freeze … Continue reading

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SCIENCE : 25 Years Since Killer Bees Killed Us All

If you didn’t die from global cooling, you probably died from cholesterol, radon gas, or asbestos. 23 Sep 1991, Page 4 – The Gaffney Ledger Forty years ago, our top climate experts said global cooling brought recurring droughts, floods and massive tragedies … Continue reading

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