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Scientists Prove Washington DC Is The Most Beautiful It Has Been Since 1988.

I’m in DC to give a presentation on Capitol Hill tomorrow with Senator Malcolm Roberts and Tim Ball. It is cold and snowy here. Rumors that Congress is owned by special interests simply aren’t true. My old friend Jesse at … Continue reading

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Shock News : Foreign Leader Interferes With Sovereign Nation’s Election

Solid proof of Obama’s claim that communists are interfering with western elections. U.K.’s Nigel Farage: Obama behaved ‘disgracefully’ by campaigning against Brexit – POLITICO

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Texas Elector Chris Suprun Is A Liar, Fraud, Conspirator And Hillary Mole

Chris Suprun says that he was a Trump supporter until two weeks ago, but now plans to vote for some Republican like John Kasich. ‘Rogue’ GOP Elector Says Others Will Join in Opposing Trump – ABC News He is lying. … Continue reading

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