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Understanding Progressive Thinking

All hope is gone! Hope is our secret weapon! Progressive thinking is form of a mental illness,  closely associated with bi-coastal disorder.

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After Eight Years Of Golf, Obama Suddenly Has A Vision

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New York Times Predicts An Ice-Free Glacier National Park

The fake news New York Times says Glacier National Park will be ice-free in 30 years, due to a “warming climate” Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park – The New York Times In 1923, scientists … Continue reading

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Latest Fake Climate News From Canada

Not wanting to be beaten out by the fake news Washington Post, fake news CTV says the Arctic is having a “major heat wave” The Arctic has been experiencing a major heat wave | CTV News I’m not sure which … Continue reading

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1969 : New York Times Predicted An Ice Free Arctic And An Ice Age Three Days Apart

In 1969, the fake news New York Times predicted an ice-free Arctic by 1989, and three days later predicted a new ice age. Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea – Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared Science … Continue reading

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Washington Post Vying For Top Fake News Climate Site

The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang has yet another wildly misleading climate article out again today. This one GIF encapsulates global warming in the U.S. in 2016 – The Washington Post 2016 was not a hot year in the US. The … Continue reading

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