Boulder, Colorado – Destroying The Environment To Save The Planet

As predicted, wildly corrupt progressives on the Boulder City Council voted to destroy the environmentally critical wetlands which separate Boulder from Denver.

Boulder City Council approves new land-use designation for CU South – Boulder Daily Camera

I’ve been documenting the incredible diversity of wildlife on this land.

So why would the City of Boulder vote to destroy their own environment? The answer is simple – they want to save the planet from global warming.

Boulder declares intent to uphold Paris climate goals – Boulder Daily Camera

The city of Boulder wants to take over operation of their electrical utilities, which are currently generated by this incredibly clean power plant, which puts out no visible pollution, ever.

The city wants to replace this incredibly clean, reliable power plant (which most residents probably don’t even know exists) with 200 very unreliable and environmentally destructive wind turbines.

The University of Colorado has no interest in the city’s idiotic plan to create expensive, unreliable energy. So in order to get CU to agree to the plan, the city made two deals with the University.

  1. The University is guaranteed low cost energy from the grid, even when the residents of the city are blacked out and their electricity rates skyrocket.
  2. The city lets CU develop the wetlands south of Boulder.

The City of Boulder thus believes that they need to destroy their own environment in order to save the planet from global warming. Meanwhile, the countries which signed the fake Paris Climate Treaty are building new coal fired power plants as fast as they can, with 1,600 new plants planned. The US has no new coal plants in the works.

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants – The New York Times

The dominant feature of the progressive intellect is that they are completely incapable of critical analysis or rational thought. They are Pavlov’s dogs – who are triggered into madness by a few words – like “global warming”

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